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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

More with the snow...

Unless you've been living under a rock - or a different part of the world - you probably know that we are deep in the grip of The White Death. Snow. It's everywhere.

My beautiful Kai is happy about the snow.

I can honestly say that I've had enough. Remember when we all thought it was over? Yeah, right.

Today will probably be another inside day for the barncats and most of the flocks. They already have a windchill warning up for when this stupid snow stops - which looks to be in a couple hours. After the snow passes the cold will really settle in.

My Most Excellent Good Dog is happy too.

But Friday could be a looloo..... extremely bitter cold. The goats are still giving me fits. I'm really starting to regret not breeding Nibbles. She is in heat now and it's terrible. She and Dahli won't leave each other alone and we do not have great options for splitting them up. If the weather were milder we'd have better options. So we will just tough it out.

The good news is that all my old biddies and young hens are doing great. We haven't had any losses and everyone is hanging in there. The geese are fine.

My collection of black and white dogs.

If anything I'm thrilled with how well the hen house is holding up. It really keeps the heat in and the hennies have busied themselves with scratching around the straw bale we put in there for them. A couple ventured out into the snow but mostly they sit in the door way and look out at the world. 

One thing I am very very grateful for is not having winter pigz. They would have been a misery. But truth be told, if we had pigz we would have made an extra effort to get them butchered. Hauling water in this weather would have been futile.

My slightly derpy Fighting Uruk-hai.

That's the situation here. Snow, sloth, anger at incarceration. But we'll just keep on keepin' on.

Happy Wednesday everyone!


Vera said...

Oh dear, sounds like you are having a tough time of things. Hope the weather perks up for you soon...meanwhile, I hope you stay warm and cosy.

CB said...

WTH are doing living in those conditions. You should consider getting outta there. It's 71 here today, 77 tomorrow, 88 Saturday. Seriously, for the love of spring, get out of there. JK. This summer I'll wish I were where you are.


Fiona from Arbordale Farm said...

Here in Queensland it has been raining for the last few days as there is a cyclone (like a hurricane) headed towards the coast up north. We have already had about 4 inches of rain today and we expect double that tomorrow. It is not cold but the chickens look bedraggled and their pen is a mud puddle. I will have to get out there tomorrow and dig some drains, gee what fun.

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