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Monday, February 2, 2015

Snow Derp Day!

So I guess the groundhog said more winter? Yesterday we had it all -  ice, sleet, rain, more snow, even more snow, and then it poured down rain. And now it's all frozen over. It's one big sheet of ice out there. What a disaster! We should have funny dog pix to combat our snow rage....

Snow Derp Kai

Snow Nose Titan

My Big Bubby

Zander loves the snow so much....

... give him a stick and he's a wild man.

Looks like another day of looking hatefully outside at the stupid snow and hanging out by the fire. I'll be finishing up Part 2 of A Winter's Tale. Thanks for all the fun comments over on 'the facebook!'

Happy Monday everyone! Anyone else have goofy snow dogs?


Unknown said...

They all look like little kids on snow day!

Vera said...

Lovely dogs!

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