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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

It BROKE! But I got a new one....

Of all the products that I talk about my very very very favorite one is milk frother. Seriously. It's my favorite thing ever and I use it every single day. .

The other day it broke. No. I did not break it.

It had been making funny noises for a couple days and then finally... sadly... it just wouldn't froth.

So I got a new one! Yeah, baby!

How easy peasy is this - I ordered it from Amazon and it was there two days later. I should note it was two looooooooooooong days because I did not have a fluffy cappuccino for those two days.... but I endured. How could I get it in only two days? With my Amazon Prime that's how!

What's so great about a milk frother? EVERYTHING! You can make light and fluffy foam for your coffee drinks or hot chocolates without having to steam anything. You can make small amounts of whipped cream without dragging out a mixer. And it's so easy to use. Just put the business end of the frother in the milk (or cream) and give it a quick whip. You can even do it one handed.

I got the red one on purpose because at the time it was the cheapest one. While I might have paid an extra dollar for my color of choice let's all just agree I'm just that cheap. Sure there are fancier ones. I kinda liked the stainless steel one...and there is an extra fancy one with a stand. But meh. Easy enough. That $9 was my price point. (Note: I see the price is now $11. I do not know why.)

The last one I got lasted about 3 years so that $9 was money well spent.

I know it's just a little thing but making fluffy and foamy coffees at home is great and a huge money saver.

Happy Wednesday everyone! Did you break your milk frother? Quick! Order another one!

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Unknown said...

LOL - such a 1st world problem - your milk frother was out of action BUT I totally get it. I couldn't live without my cappuccino each day.

Ohiofarmgirl said...

i very nearly had a dramatic break down over it.... there i was the next day... slaving over a cup of cream with a REAL WHISK! my arm hurt and everything.... the horror... the horror...

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