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Friday, September 4, 2015


So this happened.
Hen and chick.

One of our hens hatched out exactly one chick after setting a nest in the goat hay feeder. As soon as she got off the rest of the eggs I rushed her and the little one into the garage and into a cage. Life can be very precarious for a lone chick or duckling.

We find that the singletons turn out a little weird. They never really mesh with the rest of the group and tend to be outliers.... which makes it easy for us to get attached to them. They tend towards humans a little more...and less towards chickens. 

These singletons don't always make it thru the terrors of the barnyard. But so far so good with this little guy. I'm keeping my distance because I'm pretty sure he's a rooster and he will be destined for noodles. But for now they are pretty funny to see them running around the yard.

This is another singleton ...she totally turned into a weirdo. 

Our Peep. You can read her story here. She was actually being cute the other day.

We mercifully got a little rain last nite. After nothing but mud and floods of rain we've turned into all dry all the time. I'm trying to take advantage of a little moisture out there.

Happy Friday everyone!

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