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Wednesday, September 9, 2015


I've been focusing on my priorities from the other day. Some wins, some losses but progress is being made.

It's not fall yet! Hey, leaves! Get back on that tree!

First, I was able to get the chick pen cleaned out and set up in eager anticipation of the first round of much needed meat chickens. Today I started early on the hunt to find them. My first attempt was at one of the local Rural King stores. They are supposed to have chicks until October. Whoever answered the phone talked me out of being their customer.

A small rant here. I know it's annoying working with the general public. But on the other hand if that is your job then you should just get that chip off your shoulder and just do it. My questions were not outlandish, rude, or stupid. But since that person just wanted to make me wrong and not help me... then fine. Smell ya later, Ranch Hand, or whoever you are.

So I placed a same day order with Mt. Healthy. I even called to make sure they would really ship TODAY? Yep. A very nice lady confirmed the shipping and my order. Perfect.  I should get them tomorrow at our local post office.

Of course, right after I placed that order a buddy told me to check out Welp hatchery for their superfast service and excellent prices. Rats! They had my same order for $20 less! However.... my order was already being put together for shipping today. Welp would ship them next week. We really need meats so I left my order with Mt. Healthy.

I normally order from Meyer but they had limited numbers of meats. I would have even been willing to drive up there to get them but alas. Nope. 

Do you know... praying mantis?

Next, my quest for green beans remains unfulfilled. Apparently there are no more beans left in this dry and dusty land. I might have to go further afield... and Thursday is fried pie day.

And then, my tomatoes are half in the bag... I mean.... about half of the tomatoes have been picked and put in freezer bags. I think we all had/have the same concern that once out of sight they will be out of mind. We'll see what happens.

So that is the update.

Rain in sun. Weird.

Right now we are standing around waiting for it to rain. The other day it was completely sunny and it rained really hard. How weird was that? We even looked for clouds and couldn't find where the rain was coming from.

I will continue to press on and run the good race toward the prize... which in this case, is  a full freezer and larder for winter.

Farm on, friends!


Onevikinggirl said...

Impressed and envious. The only thing I am bagging from my Amsterdam canal balcony are small unripe chilies (i really want another week or so of warm weather). I still get the daily greens of herbs and sallads. Here, the creepy meats walk the streets. Kisses to N.

Ohiofarmgirl said...

Nicholas returns your kisses and also sends some purrrrrrrssssss. I'm laughing about your creepy meats! Ha! Great work on the salads.

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