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Monday, September 14, 2015

Latest auction bargains

I went to the produce auction the other day - there were some terrific bargains. However the produce is starting to get a little scarce.

I got these terrific peppers - for just $5 for the whole bag! Shoe for scale.

It was such a great deal that I got 4 bags of them. I might have gotten too excited but it's still a better price than anything you'd find at the store. I always laugh when they have "2 peppers for $1" and they make you think it's a good sale. The produce auction is where the real action is happening!

Most of the peps were roasted, skinned, and frozen.

I also got 2 banana squash.... one is normal sized and one was HUGE!

This squash costs me $0.50. That's fifty cents, baby, yeah! Standard sized gas grill for scale.

Of course, I threw it to the pigz and they went wild. But I have big plans for the regular sized one. I will admit that the one thing I really like about fall is the roasted veggies. Especially squash and root veg. Otherwise I'm still holding a fall-grudge and still want it to be summer.

For my notes this is how I did at the auction:

Four bags/pecks peppers = $5/bag. I think the bags were about 8 lbs each, so $0.62/pound.
Two bags of onions at $3.50 each, $0.35/pound
Two pecks of potatoes at $1.80 each... yes... $1.80 for a big basket of taters.. so $0.10/pound.
Two banana squash for a total of $1
A loaf of bread for $1.

We finally got our cool down and this morning it was 42*. We also got some much needed rain over the weekend.

More meat management is on the menu for this week.

Happy Monday everyone! Are you finding produce bargains? I'm telling you - check out your local auction!


Unknown said...

Avocados are everywhere at the moment. Pete gave his friend $10 and we got a whole tray, and he said he would bring another tray. Meanwhile we are just trying to get through the first tray! Avo at every meal...

David said...

holy moly! awesome. I wish I had an auction here!

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