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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Farm notes & Got our big cow.. I mean.. goat... back!

Just a few notes from yesterday's work and superfun news: We got our big Sanaan back today!

She's been with the breeder for the winter, popped out two beautiful babies for him, and now she's back home. Pics tomorrow for sure. The cute thing was that she totally recognized us and was happy to be back in her old stomping grounds.. until she saw the chickens, that she hated all last year. We are glad she is back! But we both totally forgot how big she is! She is a big as a cow! Wow!

Farm notes from yesterday:
* Planted carrot and radish seeds; radishes should be up in 23 days? Humm... lets set the timer... Carrots say 70 days which puts them at mid/early June then I can plant tomatoes in that spot.
* Window teepee greenhouses are working great
* Volunteer seeds are popping up in the upper garden
* Peonies made their first appearance & fruit trees are starting to leaf out.
* Nothing from Little Nibbles yet but the return of Evita and last nite's crazy bright full moon may push her over the edge...
* Dinner chicks are noticeably bigger and seem to be regulating their body temps better - less dependent on heat. Started moving to 12 hours with/out feed as recommended for slowing their rapid growth. Odd note: They seem to drink WAY more water that other chicks.
* Guineas are pairing up...except for one we are calling The Fifth Wheel... she's a pistol.
* Miss Dash doens't seem to have a nest but she and Miss Duck are staying up by the house.
* Lots of growling hens.. we might just get a broody!
* Most daylily plants are up.
* Dog Number 1 says there is something weird going on down at the pond at night... need to keep our eyes peeled for signs of predators.

Happy Wednesday!


Anonymous said...


It is me Sally, I couldn't sign in for some reason as "me" so I'm anonymous today. ;o)

Sounds like you got a lot done yesterday. Glad your big cow is back, is she being milked?

I am planting all of my seedlings today before the monsoons come back.

Ohiofarmgirl said...

Hi Sally! Yep we are milking her and she is milking like the dickens! Wow we got a huge bucket of milk and I was swarmed by the hens when I brought it out to them.

We are planting here too - heard you have cold weather... don't worry the sun will be back soon! I actually came in to put on a long sleeved shirt so I dont get sunburned!

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