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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

What happens when you loose a bet

If you'll allow me a moment of self indulgence.....

I would like to say, here before God and everyone, that Dan was right. You heard me - my friend, Dan, was not just a little right, he was entirely right. Correct in all ways and mean... yes sir, right right right. I was wrong, and I did not believe him. From now on I will believe every word that Dan says, I will accept all his recommendations, and I will never again, doubt Dan.

If you were to line up all the right and correct people Dan would be at the top of the line. I would head up all the wrong people. I stand here in my wrongness and salute Dan in his rightness.

This is what my surprise looked like when I realized the mightiness of Dan's rightness...even if he is still a corporate monkey - he is the most right corporate monkey I know.

Actually, this is Bramble, our best Bourbon Red turkey momma. She hatched two clutches last year and we were amazed at what a great job she did. We love her because she looks so dinosaury. She liked to take her poults into the garden to hunt for bugs.

As for now, we are headed for town. That's right - we are going off farm. We are going to see other people! And we'll probably have a meal that we didn't make or grow ourselves... so long, fellow farmers, we're headed into civilization! And you know that silly goat will probably have her babies while we are gone......


Dodi said...

Well, what was Dan right about? Or did you just have to say all that on your blog because you lost the bet? lol

Love your "dinosaury" turkey!
I hope you had a good time re-entering civilization today, then again maybe it would make you more glad to get back home.

YardFarmer Julie

Ohiofarmgirl said...

Thanks Julie!

And yep - it has to be a mystery. But believe me, he was right.

We survived civilization but we raced home to the chaos we could (kinda) control.

basicliving@backtobasicliving.com said...

Ha! Well, at least you're a good sport and followed through with the rules of losing the bet. My palms started sweating at the thought of leaving the farm..... hope it went well.

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