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Friday, June 18, 2010

Now for something entirely different....

Apparently my abbreviated notes to myself got published... ha! Thanks for the catch javamama! 

Here is what I was trying to say.. but in my defense.. I was so tired from getting up early and working so much this last week.... that last nite I went in to change my shirt to go and milk the goats (I like to have a longer sleeved shirt on since they walk around in the pasture and get into who knows what)...but instead I took off my shorts and headed out in my underpants. Good thing The Big Man stopped me before the neighbors (good and bad) got an eye full.

In other news .... we think both guinea hens are setting. We are naming one Flower because she's in the flower bed. The other is named "Good Luck" cuz thats what she needs. She's over in the bramble on the (good) neighbor's side in Fox Central. We can't find her and hopefully Foxy Brown won't either... It takes 28 days for the eggs to hatch so we'll have keets July 5th or so.

I got the following seeds going in  flats:
butternut squash
bad 'sgetti squash seeds from last year - maybe they will work

I found another flat of 'maters so I got them in as well as the watermelons (from the square box). The beefsteak maters were only about an inch tall and have been for a while. That potting mix may have been bad...

And I moved some peppers and eggplant in the new pot.  And weeded. And cleaned out two coops... and saw my pals S and M. They had some bad luck with raccoons so we loaded up some of the Kindergarten and some mature hens to get them back in business. Hopefully the two dozen hatching eggs will get them up to speed.  M is quite the poultryman and a heck of a duck raiser. he picked out an all black hen (comb, legs, and feathers) who is going to be a great friend to him. I believe he named her "Princess Leah."  And I received a beautiful picture from him. Thanks guys!

Still no Meeps.....

Its about 1:30pm and the dogs haven't abandoned me yet.. but its gonna be a scorcher tomorrow. Happy gardening!


Unknown said...

LOL @ the condensed farm news. Trying to get everything while we have a few dry days? Fun in the sun, finally!

Ohiofarmgirl said...

You caught me! Ok I fixed it... hee hee hee I think I've been out in the sun too long...

Chai Chai said...

Are you trying to send us subliminal messages?

"And I moved some peppers and eggplant in the new POT. And WEEDed." Combine this with the underpants episode and one can only wonder what ELSE you may be growing on that farm. Are you famous with your Amish neighbors for your strong Hemp rope?

On a serious note I will be interested on how you bring the keets along. With our box o' keets in the garage I am trying to figure out when/how to introduce them to the yard and then coop. Having no adults around to help them along presents quite a dilema.

Ohiofarmgirl said...

Folks have been wondering about me for years.. but nope.. none of those shenanigans here!

Can you put your keets with your chickens? The thing about guineas is that the attrition rate is VERY high - especially with keets. Honestly, I'd keep yours cooped for a couple of months at least. Not only will it let their immune systems develop, it will keep them from becoming a snack for a crow, and it will let them know where "home" is.

Some breeders recommend keeping guineas cooped for a couple months after you bring them home (as mature birds!)... we happened to get ours at the beginning of fall so we needed to keep them out of the weather anyway.

Also they will stay together so you can let a few out at a time and they wont go far from the main herd.... gaggle.. pod.. whatever you call a bunching of guineas.

OTOH, some folks just let 'em loose after a couple days.

Guineas are range pretty far a-field so I'd error on the side of caution. Unless you have a never ending supply, that is.

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