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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sage, Coneflower, Tarragon & Meat & Farm Notes

I'm sitting here trying to decide if the storm up north of us is doing to build or swing down this way.. so here are quick farm notes and you just gotta see this picture of the meat:

Frying creepy meat up in a pan

The other day I took what I thought was a one half of a frozen turkey breast out of the freezer to thaw. What I discovered was that it was really JUST THREE breasts from our creepy meat chickens! I could only fit two in a standard 12 inch frying pan. WOW!

And I gotta say - they were tender and delicious. I pan fried the breasts then finished them in the oven on top of homemade savory bread pudding/dressing... Incredible. Just three breasts made 2 full meals for us (and we can eat!).  They might be creepy but I dunno.. I might be sold on the food value.  As farm-o-nomics goes.. this was an amazing value. I think the cost of goods was about a dollar (not including spices) for the entire meal.

Farm Notes: (Reminder these are my planting and journal  notes on activities - sorry if they are boring)
* Planted the last possible row of sweetcorn in hillside garden. Sunflowers are at the east end from last year's grey stripe.
* Also planted last 2 row of sweetcorn in square garden by compost pile. Cukes are starting to spread out but the BOSS seeds did not sprout... or the birds got them. 
* Added several hills of peppers (all varieties) as well as Ruetgers tomatoes, and one row of Cherokee Purple maters (love those).
* Since I'll never remember... the little square seed box is watermellon, Sugar baby
* The tri-box has Sage, Coneflower, and Tarragon seeds.
* Medium round green planter has lavender seeds. Last year's lavender was planted in flower spot in square garden.
* Started several cheeses...and got my supplies from Hoegger.
* Need to go and look for bodies.. we couldn't get all the ducks off the pond last nite as the storm was rolling in (we had to run for it). I don't love our storm season...
* Dang those little ducks are cute... I think we have a micro-duck!

Look out for all the storms, folks!  And remember that cloud to ground lightening strikes are good for your garden!


Alaena said...

I for one actually enjoy reading your farm notes. I live vicariously through them. And they remind me of what I *should* be doing! :)

Sally said...

That chicken dinner sounds deee-licious!!!

I've been thinking about "dinner chickens" a lot lately. What do you think of the colored rangers?

Ohiofarmgirl said...

Hi Alaena! Thanks for saying that.. I'm never sure if its interesting or not. I tried keeping a written journal but I can type as fast as I talk.. so this is just easier. I'll never remember what I planted if I don't do this!

Hey Sally! It was really good..and I'm a HUGE fan of the colored rangers.. but we got the red broilers from Ideal (about the same thing). I went on and on about it here:

Really the "red' ones (rangers or broilers) are a great way to try them out. Yay creepy meat!

basicliving@backtobasicliving.com said...

Dang those were some big chickens! The meal sounds wonderful.

What kind of cheeses did you start? I clicked on your link to Hoegger, but I didn't see cheese supplies?

Sally said...

Oh yeah, I also enjoy reading your farm notes too. :o)

Sally said...

Thanks Ofg, I am going to place an order this month. Red it is. :o)

Ohiofarmgirl said...

Hey B2B! Sometimes they bury the cheese stuff.. but click on "Home Dairy":

Check out under "Culture, Rennet, Color". I like these guys but you kinda need to know what you want. The New England Cheese Suppply:

Has better kits.

I started several cheddars. It so exciting when it works! Of course the only drawback is you have to wait several months for the results.

Thanks Sally!

Chai Chai said...

Hope the tornados missed you and I too enjoy the farm notes - one never knows what you can pick up from them.

Ohiofarmgirl said...

Hey Chai Chai! Say, I don't think it was the kids that "made" you get them little ducks! Adorable and yep.. farming is like crack. Sure you get that 'gateway drug' and then its "just one more"... You're hooked, baby!

Ohiofarmgirl said...

Hey CC.. did I give you my duckling primer?? Easy PEASY.. if no, let me know.. two tips:
1. NON-medicated feed.. Dumor from tractor supply has chick feed and thats perfect for them. Or duckling starter from your feed store. Ducklings should not have medicated chick feed.
2. Don't put them in the water. Have a shallow pan (like a pie plate) that will allow them to put their heads in the water. But until they are feathered out they aren't floaty enough and they can become chilled. And yes they can drown....its very sad.

Great job!

Ohiofarmgirl said...

Okey dokey! check in tomorrow and I'll post it.. someone else was just asking about ducklings. They are easy.. just a few "gotchas." You'll do great!

As for the butter.. nope. No separater.. or churn. Just good ol' cream (from Bourbon Red's cow) and me and a quart jar a-shake-a a-shake-a a-shake-a a-shake-a a-shake-a till it clumps into butter. Its totally fun.

Chai Chai said...

As a kid my brothers and sisters and I would take turns passing the shake-a-shake-a jar making butter until we were crying because our arms were tired. Ah the memories....

Mama Mess said...

The reason we raise your so called creepy meat chickens is because of the meat value. Butchering chickens isn't exactly a relaxing day on the beach, and I like to get the most meat out of the experience that I can. One half of a breast from those birds will feed the THREE of us......and it's guuuoood! ;)

Ohiofarmgirl said...

hey CC.. I was crying for love of butter!

Good to see you GW! You just can't beat the food value.. I mean wow! The house cats are still eatin' the leaving...and we had a stir fry the other nite with some of the pre-cut up, bite sized pieces. My pal B. raises them... I'll have to check out her progress and maybe I can learn to love them. But ya can't beat turkeys for real food value! Whoot!

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