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Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Meeps Are Here!

They are here! They are here! The Meeps are arriving this very second!

Actually they have been hatching all day - I knew something was afoot when the ganders (OD and Jr) didn't go too far this morning. They have been guarding the ladies (Cindy Lou and Penny) all day, even more vigorously then normal.

So I grabbed my beatin' stick and peeped in and..... MEEPS!

There were a tumble of meeps under Cindy, who was not amused by me at all. If you can, zoom in to see the one who is still wet.. just behind Cindy's ankle.

Goslings are so cute - larger than ducklings and more lively - they are a hoot to have around. We call them "Meeps" after the funny little noises they make. They sound like squeaky toys and they love to get into trouble. We really don't worry about the Meeps, geese are wonderful parents and take excellent care of their little ones.

Penny didn't like the intrusion a bit.. Thats Jr. to the left - see the tuft on his head? Proof of her "dangerous liaison" with The Roman... we don't usually talk about that.

And I pity the fool who tries to mess with them.. say... this could be a way to get rid of Foxy Brown.... she wouldn't stand a chance against the ganders.

In other news...

Farm Notes
* Planted the rest of the peppers in the upper garden, as well as the rest of the green maters. Waiting on the rest of the compost before I finish up there.
* Watermelons are in - the last row of the square garden. They are strategically planted on a berm just before the fence - I'm hoping to capture all the water as the square garden is situated on a slight hill... either this will work really well or make a big soupy mess.
* Raked up the goat/hen yard and used the litter as "side dressing" and as walkways in the square garden.
* Dahlias are coming up! As are sunflowers started in flats - starting in the ground just isn't working as well as I'd hoped.

* Found a place for more cantaloupe and took down some dried out peas. Not a loss tho as legumes are so good for the soil. I just ripped them out by their roots and am using them stems as mulch. 
* The rest of the Oxheart maters are in - by the sugar pie pumpkins
* Stupid Japanese beetles are here and eating my roses. Hey you guineas! Get out there and eat those stupid bugs!
* Spent most of today weedin,' weedin, weedin'.. golly what a chore.  Here is some free advice for all: don't plant invasive species!
* Miss Duck is done with her babies - she's tired of being a mommy and wants to go and hang out with the boys. The little ones will become slug eaters for a pal of mine. Yesterday they played in a big puddle I made by  mistake. They are getting their feathers but are still cute as bugs:
What could be more fun that ducklings in a mud puddle?

Happy Gardening! More Meep pix tomorrow as I'm sure they will make an appearance in The Whole Wide World.

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