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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Get out there and vote!

Stop what you are doing and run right out and vote!

Today is the day if you haven't already sent in your ballot or been an early voter. Remember what I always say.... "Don't be a pig in a poke - get out and vote!"

Actually this is not a poke but it is a pig and this pig says "Everyone should vote!"

The TV folks will tell you that Ohio voters are the only ones that count, but I'm here to tell you that everyone matters. Too many people have fought and died for the freedoms that we enjoy in this country and if, for no other reason, we owe it to those brave souls to vote.

As for being an Ohio voter and all the press coverage... I am running right down to our small town polling place as soon as I finish chores. I'm gonna be as farm-y as I can be and hopefully one of them press boys will want to interview me. I can't wait!

Happy Tuesday everyone! Now run right out and vote!

and a special note to folks who subscribe to the email feed and get posts the next day.. yep this post was from Tuesday. thanks for everyone's comments and um.. due to the sensitive nature we'll all just keep our comments unposted. THANKS to everyone who posted a comment. i've read every one. 

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