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Friday, November 23, 2012

Did you gobble? Did you wobble?

Hope everyone had a great turkey day! Did everyone gobble until you wobbled?

[Still no picture here. Sadly]


Hey! I think I might have resolved that picture situation. Lemme monkey around with it and I'll letcha know. But check it out! But let me know if you see a picture of Zander crashed out on his bed at the bottom of this....
Thanks for everyone's support about the comments and also for the suggestions for my picture-less situation. I'm working on a solution. Looks like lots of folks are running into this same thing. While I can't blame "The Google" for wanting to make some money.... I was kinda mad that I had no warning at all. I had a great update post about the creepy meats and when I tried to upload some pix... nothing.

I think there are a bunch of us who may have started blogging about the same time. So I'm happy to give everyone a heads up that you may be next. I'm not sure how to check how much spaces you've used.... but once you are full you are full! So rats.

[Normally I'd put a picture of rats here... but I can't]


Usually I like the day after Thanksgiving better than the actual Turkey Day. I love leftovers and nothing is better than a turkey sandwich. Unless its a smoked pork roast sandwich and I can tell you that is going to be great.

[Imagine a fabulous pork sandwich picture here]

And the only thing better than that is pie. So much pie.....  I'm having this pie for breakfast. Its stupendous. The dogs have been pigging out also. On so many trimmings from our recent pork harvest. My hands continuously smell like meat from all the processing I'm doing. The dogs think I smell like love.  And they are meat drunk.

Unfortunately today is a normal work day for us so I've been up for a while. This morning I'm making special liver meat balls, a country style pate (with tons of liver, and working on the last of the lard.

Happy Post Turkey Day everyone!  Gobble gobble!


David said...

Back to work! Glad you had a good day!

Heavens Door Acres said...

Good morning, and yes, I see a picture of your wonderful dogs in that post. So much for "free blogger" I guess we should all know by now....nothing is free.
So, Turkey....stuffing...( yes I am stuffed more that that old bird was) Breads...gravy..and PIE...We are in pie heaven here. Pie for breakfast, pie after our cold turkey sandwich for lunch, Pie before supper because..well, just because...Sounds like you had a great Turkey day....Ours went well...and now we are ready to kick off the Christmas season..and then, you know what that mean??? Garden PLANING! WHOOT! My hands are already itching to get back into the dirt! :)

small farm girl said...

It worked! You have a picture!!!!! Gotta share!

Unknown said...

So what's going on with google and photos? I upload mine to blogger, then post. Is there a max to that? Maybe I need to clean out my uploads or will that wipe out my posted pics?

Chai Chai said...

"Vice Presidents Office, Drew speaking."

Spoken in a high pitched tone with an almost maniacal laugh every few moments "Drew, this is Sandra from the Google Plus approval Division. Just so you know, I had to call in security and evacuate the offices, there were only four arrests and the guy in hospital wasn't hurt too badly."

"What! How did this happen!"

"Have you seen Batman? Well, it was like the gas that the Joker used to make everyone laugh hysterically. From what I can glean from the Police report it started when OFG's Driver's License Photo came over the wire and was published out on the office network. It spread like wildfire...we tried to stop its dissemination, we really did...and at one point I think we had it contained...but when it was discovered that her middle name was Jethrine, well, at that point only the riot squad could contain things."

....(confused, muffled, and unintelligible comments from the VP's Office ensue)...

"No sir, it wasn't the normal riot squad, it was one of those South Korean shield carrying baton wielding affairs. I can assure you we have the License secured and under the highest Password Protected Access!"

Back at the VP's Office, Drew was shaking his head with his hands trembling. "Thank goodness we were able to contain that thing, Lord only knows what would have happened if it had leaked out onto the internet at large!"

Provender Place said...

My DH was so sweet to allow me to sleep in yesterday. Now I know why, he ate 1/2 a pumpkin pie for breakfast! I felt sorry for those of our guests who chose the pumpkin pie. I had cardamom almond custard that involved 1 pint of real raw cream and 6 egg yolks. Pie schmie ;-)

Misty Pines Homestead said...

Oh my gosh your dogs look like mine after the feast LOL.Orion loves turkey day and he knows what a turkey is too!Did ya see him eyeballing the turkey in my blog? He's hillarious.For our four legged buddies there is no such thing as not enough turkey.

Chai Chai said...

While I was leaving a never-to-be-published comment on your "other" blog I ran across a link to the following post:


As I was wiping away tears from laughing it dawned on me that most of your current readers haven't read this one and it may be worth a "flashback".

Ohiofarmgirl said...

Thanks Dave! Yep everyday is a work day here.

Hi HDA! So much pie... sounds delish. Isnt it funny tho, how we are excited for gardening season to start again?

Thanks SFG! I'll update on Monday.. just to make sure it works...

Yep, Nancy, eventually you'll max out on the space for pix. I have over 800 pix on the blog.. so that might help you figure out.

CC - *Somewhere in a "hospital" a former The Google employee sits against a padded room muttering.. "she just kept swinging that axe... the axe.. it was... an axe..."

FF - thats the reason I get up early too... for the pie.

Hey Anna! I'll come running right over!

Ha! Thanks CC for a second there I thought that "other" blog was hacked! *Snicker*... and yeah thats an oldie but a goodie...

Unknown said...

Thanks for the clarification. I only post on my blog and not google...

Ohiofarmgirl said...

Zoikes! Nancy - blogger/blogpspot IS a Google property - so eventually the picture thing will catch up with you. Might be a while tho and perhaps they will have changed it by then. Lets hope!

Razzberry Corner said...

So, you gave in and gave it up to Google+. I will be next. Sadly. Do you really have to give them your driver's license? No way! I wont do it! No!

Ummm, you have another blog that is now being run by hackers? Maybe that's where Anonymous hangs out? I'll have to go check out that link that CC posted!

(ummm, maybe I shouldn't be using my real name here? Or maybe my real name will be posted all over my blog soon, anyway.)

Ohiofarmgirl said...

Yikes! I dunno if I fixed it yet, Lynn, they sent me a rejection. This whole "send me your drivers license thing" just freaks me out. I might be moving to wordpress or using photobucket. what a pain! And no, i did not send them my id. what weirdos!!!

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