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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thursday Happy Snaps and Comments

My new camera is working out great! I just love it - easy to use, great results, and its a shiny red color so I haven't lost it yet. The day isn't over tho. I've been taking happy snaps left and right.

My slightly confused duck momma... I need to take her off this nest soon. I think the eggs are dead but she's been very protective. I'm hoping she hears the babies and that's why she tried to kill me with mean looks when I checked on her. Maybe I'll give her a couple more days.

The meatlets are growing like gang busters. They think my shoes are gods... they swarm my feet whenever I get close thinking this will make their feed appear faster. If we get the good weather they are predicting this weekend (70*!!!!) then they might be making a meat-walk right outside. We had a man down the other day - no reason, just a random creepy meat death. Dang! That makes me so mad. But still have 25!

The little pigz are lookin' good! One of my pals said that Tamworths with black spots are the best eatin' and this one is extra mean so he is going to be delish!  They love their yard way back in the woods and are bull dozing (pig dozing?) everything. I'm hoping the deer hunters don't shoot them by mistake. Yikes!

My Bubby - after a hard day of Bubbing around, with Lucky for scale. Zander is huge and is having another growing spurt. His legs are almost as long as mine and his head got bigger. He is extremely impressive these days.

My most excellent good dog. Dog#1 has been helping me a lot lately. We have to go out for chores before 5pm these days and he helps me keep the troops in line. Especially our new rooster, Taco Loco.

Taco Loco is crazy and mean. Someone pawned him off on us and now we know why. He chased my Miss Duck and has flogged me a couple times. Dog#1 explained to him that we don't do that. We'll be changing his name to "First" on our next butcher day. Then he'll be just "delicious tacos."

Thanks for everyone's fun comments lately!  Especially JJJ, and yes my major award was fragile..which is Italian.  I've been a little under the weather so I'm behind in replying. But I read each and every comment that comes in here and on "the facebook"....and I really appreciate everyone's contribution. I'll get back on track here soon.

Happy Thursday everyone!


Heavens Door Acres said...

GREAT pictures! Ohhh, that rooster looks YUMMY!

Misty Pines Homestead said...

I bet that chicken is thinking'you got to catch me first if you want to makes tacos outta me"

Chai Chai said...

Nicholas' laughed and laughed, "Small victories, small victories. That goofy doofus Hannibal Bonecrusher has no idea that I shrunk his 'Royal' pillow in the dryer! Me-ew ah ha ha!"

Ohiofarmgirl said...

He's going to be delicious, HDA!

Oh I'll catch him, AnnNF!

That Nicholas is always up to no good.. Chai Chai, just no damn good.

David said...

I like that #1dog - even in repose - is alert!

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