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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Ribs and Carrots

We had a farm-tactular meal last nite, friends... this one was a hit right out of the park. Actually we've made this a couple times..... Chinese Five Spice Sticky Ribs and eggrolls. And OK fine, we had pork stir fry.We can't drive far enough to get this kind of meal so I just love making it at home.

The ribs were stunning. Remember when I was belly aching about how there wasn't any bacon on the first of our four pigz? Well, there is one upside to a bacon-less hog.... the ribs. My oh my.... The local butcher gave us a tip once about this. He said to not even bother taking the bacons off a non-bacony hog and just leave the meat right on for extra delicious ribs. That man was correct.

These ribs weren't even the good ribs! Look how meaty they are!  These were just weird little end pieces that I put in bags marked "Chinese ribs" for the freezer. We really don't waste much. These little rib pieces usually end up as sticky ribs but sometimes they become the foundation to a bolognese sauce...and sometimes they are just covered in whatever BBQ is in the fridge and baked. Easy peasy.

Prep for these sticky ribs couldn't be easier. I just grab up one of the freezer packs the night before and let it thaw in fridge, sprinkle in a bunch of Rub with Love Chinese 12 Spice  the next morning, add some soy and rice vinegar to marinate for a couple hours, then plop in a baking pan covered tightly with foil and bake for about an hour or so at 325*. The ginger-honey-soy glaze comes together in a few minutes - then just brush on the ribs and broil to finish.

Eggrolls are a breeze... you've all been making them at home, right? We don't have any duck meat... but the day isn't over.... so I just used some leftover pork I had the fridge.

Which brings us to the carrot. All I've ever wanted is to grow a carrot. Everyone ELSE can grow carrots but I can't. Finally I had one from the garden for this meal here. So when I wanted some shredded carrot for my eggrolls I marched out there to the upper garden to get me another one. And this is what I got.

I say no more on this. Go ahead, Mockers, have your fun. Me and my shameful, mutant carrot can take it.

I guess I'll try again next year and be more specific with my prayer... I would like to grow normal, non-weird carrots appropriate for eating. Please.

Happy Saturday everyone! Did you have eggrolls for breakfast? I did!


Heavens Door Acres said...

Those stick ribs look DELISH! Now, I "NEED" the recipe...LOL And, as for you "mutant" carrot....umm, no, I shall not mock you carrot....trust me, I have NO SKILLS in growing carrots. Doesn't stop me from trying tho!

Misty Pines Homestead said...

Oh my goodness I bet that carrot was good either way! We're having ribs tonight but I just put mine in the crock pot with beer.Can't wait to try my hand at growing stuff.I got yellow and orange carrots in my bunch of seeds.

Chai Chai said...

WE can't grow carrots here either, it makes me sad.

David said...

Quaid... Quaid...

Glenda said...

Apparentlly you raised your hog on the earth instead of corn to make it fat. Good idea.

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