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Friday, July 12, 2013

Find May!

Hi Friends, I'm taking a break from farm stuff for a minute to ask for your help.

 Photo: May is such a good girl!
Have you seen May?

My dear friends are desperately trying to find their dog in Gig Harbor, Wa. Do you live there? Do you know anyone who lives there? Will you post this on your Facebook?

Photo: GIG HARBOR, WASHINGTON:  Our beloved microchipped/spayed dog was stolen from the Gig Harbor, WA YMCA parking lot on the evening of July 5th. She is a grey and white medium sized dog that recently had a short hair cut, her tail is still fluffy and her ears are long. She is a shy girl (came from a shelter) but will come to you if you kneel down to her level. Her name is May.

 $500 CASH REWARD for her safe return, NO QUESTIONS ASKED--she is missed terribly.

 360-874-6653 or 360-516-3655 *call day or night*
Look what a fun life she has! We need to get May home!

This dog has been missing since July 5th from the local YMCA parking lot. If you can believe it, someone tried to steal the owner's car and they let May out of it. May was last seen running toward the 16 - some folks were trying to catch her. She is probably trying to find her way home and is probably between Purdy Spit and Glenwood. If you know anyone that lives in that general area Pine, Sydney, Wildwood, Glenwood or Lk. Helena, please pass this info on the them.

May is a best friend and family member!

May is a beloved family member and is well loved. She has a great life on a little farm and her family is devastated by this. May is shy and is probably terrified. And before you get a bee in your bonnet, no this was not some vigilantes letting a dog out of a hot car. These were thievin' bastards trying to steal the car. Unfortunately for them there was a second dog in the car who scared them off. But May was let out and just wants to be back with her family.

Photo: This is May's most recent haircut.  Her groomer gave her a Schnauzer look.
She just got clipped at the groomer. Look a that face!

The family is offering a $500 reward for May - no questions asked! Think about how terrible you'd feel if someone did this to your best pal - please, friends, if you know anyone who lives in the area ask them to look for May.

The family has been working with the local animal control and police department. May is spayed and microchipped. 

This page has the contact info for the family and more pictures and details. Or send me an email to: ohiofarm {aT]  gmail (dot) com.  Let's get May back home!

Please like this page! Someone has seen May - we just need to get the word out.

Happy Friday everyone - have you seen May?


Unknown said...

That's so sad, but atleast she's chipped. Hopefully some nice person will take her in and get her home...

Horst in Edmonton said...

I wish I could help, but I live in the wrong country and time zone. Hope you get your doggie back.

Ohiofarmgirl said...

Thanks LHIB - we all think she will be found.

Hi Horst! Today they are bringing out a 'pet detective' who uses search and rescue dogs to track lost pets! how great is that?

To everyone who shared this - THANK YOU. the family is so grateful for everyone's help.

Vera said...

Oh this must be such a worry to the owners, and I do hope they find her soon. We go into a panic when we 'lose' our rottweiller girls for longer than five minutes!

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