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Friday, July 26, 2013


All my fretting and fussing over the little peach trees finally paid off - success!  Oh glorious day! Oh lovely fruit! Oh sweet nectar of the peach!


Yesterday I was weeding around the little peach trees and I looked down and - peaches! On the ground! I couldn't believe it! I hadn't found any ripe peaches because the side of the peach tree I had been checking (on the outside of the fence). But on this side - this side had tons of ripe fruit! They were just falling off the tree!

So I grasped my treasure and bit in..... it was heavenly. Standing there with the sun on my back and the peach juice running down my hand... oh happy day!

How extravagant that I could stand there, pick ripe peach, take a bite or two, and then toss it away to avoid the bad spot on the peach. I'm rich in peaches. I have so much fruit that I can afford to waste it just because I can. Of course I didn't really because today I'll gather up the downed fruit and give it to the chickens.... but wow what a day. Nothing is better than your own harvest. Nothing.

So many peaches - I'm rich in peaches!

Here was the biggest surprise - the peach I picked up was a white peach! The peaches on the other side - the unripe ones - were the normally yellow/orange/reddish ones. So not only did this this little grove of peach trees grow and produce - they are also different varieties! Wow!

Not bad for compost peach trees.

Normally I would go up to the local orchard and pay for some baskets of peaches but now... now I can check this success off my list. Anytime I want some peaches I'll just walk right outside. Cost of goods = zero. Free trees and free fruit for the taking. That feels like wealth to me.

And to all the haters who told me that these little trees would never produce or fruit. How do you like them apples... or rather, peaches. Either way - suck it, haters! Whoot!

I made my first peach crisp last nite with a handful of blueberries. I love summer sooooo much.

Happy Friday everyone - are you eating a big bowl of home grown peach and blueberry crisp for breakfast? Why not? Go out and throw some peach pits on the ground... it works!


Joseph said...

Ah, #envious :)

Unknown said...

Congrats! I'm canning today from an emergency apple tree trimming. Applesauce!

D.Hausmann said...

We keep hoping eternal. We had either a peach or nectarine come from seed a couple of years ago and it's doing great thus far. We have tried both before and lost them to curly leaf. Here on the coast there is too much moisture, but the seedling is ding well. We do have a good blue berry harvest this year.

Anonymous said...

TOOO FUNNY ! I was laughing at you teasing the "haters" ! The way we grew up eating peaches was cut em up, sugar them, and then pour a lot of HEAVY whipping cream on em ! It's heaven in a bowl ! Have a GREAT weekend ! Todd

Wildcard said...

I'm throwing my peach pits in the compost. I hope I am lucky enough to get a compost tree!

Unknown said...

wow, I need to plant some peach stones!!!

David said...

that is about the coolest thing ever! 194screenag

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