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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Little Gooses

No time to talk - it's going to be another hot one and I need to get everyone out as soon as possible. So here are some little gooses.

Small, medium, and large gooses.

I love this picture of one of the younger ganders, momma goose Cindy Lou, and one of the fuzzbutts. They are all roaming around the yard these days. The little ones are sturdy enough to be out and about.

 Aren't they cute? 

We are still keeping the little ones, Cindy, and OD in the hen house at nite because we have not caught that predator yet. In addition to our mink hunting efforts we went on a big rat killing spree - there was a huge rat harvest and our retribution was dire. We'll keep it up until there is no more strange digging in the turkey house.

They have issues a special weather statement "until further notice" that says it will be hot and horribly humid for a while. We are expecting temperatures in the 90*'s and the heat index to be around 100*. Don't forget to implement your extreme hot weather livestock care tips - including making "swamp coolers" by putting a bucket of cold water in front of a fan.

I'm getting the troops out early. I hope they wake up our bad neighbors. I'm still mad about finding that bottle rocket in my garden. Harumph.

Happy Tuesday everyone - are you keeping cool?


Heavens Door Acres said...

Same weather here...we have a few meaties we are trying to get finished off..but this heat is really challenging my skills! I love a good challenge, but whew! Enough is enough already! Start on one side of the farm with the water hose, pigs pool...ducks, chicken waters..turkeys....spray yards...hold hose over MY head...drag to the other side of farm, sheep, goats...meat pigs...over my head again...look to the other side of the farm and realize the need water again. *sigh* Stay cool! It's gonna be another scorcher!

Ohiofarmgirl said...

yep, HDA, that is exactly what today is going to be like! i did the same thing - sheesh what a heat!

David said...

No critter capture huh? hotter'n blazes up here too. Fortunately no livestock

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