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Monday, July 15, 2013

There's One in Every Garden

Giant Turnip of Doom. I've always got one somewhere.

Every garden has a Giant Turnip of Doom.

It has been a weed's paradise out there with all the rain so I'm getting down in the dirt this week. Weeding, weeding, and more weeding. That's all I'm doing. Sometimes it feels like the weeds are growing faster than what I planted!

These sunflowers are huge! They love the rain and hot weather.

And with the oppressive head and humidity it's just plain crazy out there. The plants love it.

Bee on sunflower - my favorite summer scene.

The bees are happy! I found this lovely lady gathering pollen on a sunflower.

So that I have a public record..... remember when I was all worked up about the stupid neighbors and their dumb fireworks and how they'd better not burn down our chicken house. Well. Here is what I found while I was out weeding yesterday.

What a surprise - said no one, ever.

Yep. That's a bottle rocket. In the straw mulch for my potatoes. Thank heaven it rained that night or there could have been a fire. Dry straw goes up like... well... dray straw for heavens sakes. Jerks.

I'm headed out for more weeding. Happy Monday everyone!  Have you found any surprises in your garden?


Tami said...

TONS of weeds, grass and mosquitos here. I'm almost AFRAID to go in the garden it looks so bad.

Vera said...

Oh, weeding! Wrecks the fingernails, good for the thighs, not so good for the back, but great for the arm muscles! Hope you managed to have a good weeding day!

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