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Friday, September 20, 2013

Me and Nibs

My friend KC always wants to see more pix of me... so here you go. An exclusive self portrait of me and Nibs...

Me and Nibs. This is as snugly as it gets. You can see in the shadow that I'm patting her.

She was really rockin' that woodpile this morning. I think she is imagining that she has a glorious mane and was shaking it all around.

Here is Nibbles looking majestic as f....um... "all get out."

Lookin' good, Nibs.... keep up the great work.

This is her happy face.

And to you, who's birthday it is today (you know who you are) .... Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Friday everyone!


buddeshepherd said...

Its the pants...

buddeshepherd said...

How did you know it was my birthday?

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