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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Goat Pimpin': The Dahli Edition

It's a sorry day when Dahli is our best goat. Today was her lucky day.

Dahli. Our best goat. Today.

Someone remind me that if Dahli stays true to her 145 - 147 day gestation then her babies will be due somewhere around April 10 - 12 next spring.

Debbie gets and F-. She is not bred and is going to cost me another $100-ish bucks for a buck if she doesn't get her act together. As far as Nibs is concerned, I'm hoping that Dahli's buck scented self will throw Nibs into a predicable heat and then she can go on a date with a flashy buck who is a proven winner.

You know I hate this.

In the mean time our turkey harvest continues. For dinner recently we had turkey marsala - it was excellent. I'm serious. Turkey is a great all around meat that you can use in just about anything. Today will be meatball day. That means I'll be making another round of Liver Love Balls. I know you want a big ol' plate of them. Oh yes you do!

Happy Tuesday everyone! I'm trying to decide if I should tell you the whole story about Dahli's performance. Some shame may be involved.


Carolyn said...

Goat sex stories abound on my blog during the fall....it's about time somebody ELSE makes a post about their caprine carnal knowledge.

Anonymous said...

We'd love to hear about Dahli's performance. Ain't no shame 'round us sinners.

D.Hausmann said...

Aw, go ahead and hit us with the whole dirty story!

Anonymous said...

Nothing like peeing on ones face to get the girls going!

I saw this add and thought of you.


Chai Chai

Ann from KY said...

I broke down and bought a young buck who is unfortunately someone small. the lady assured me he would be able to do the job. I noticed some of my girls coming BACK into heat this week which shouldn't be happening IF he did his job. Which I think he didn't. Hoping he grows faster the next month or so and is able to do his job so we can have kids next year! I kinda have all my eggs in his basket so to speak, so I don't have too many other options. I already shelled out $$ for him, and don't have any extra $$ to find a new one! :(

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