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Friday, February 7, 2014

Dogs? Elves?

At this writing the windchill - 12* and no one is happy about it. Talk about a boring dog day - we are all going to be stuck inside. Again.

You can imagine my shock when I saw that the dogs were, in fact, elves. You LotR fans will know what I'm talking about. Nerds. All of you.. nerds. (Note: decent folks, see that the dogs are walking on the snow.)

Yesterday was bright and sunny - we got to be outside for a while. But there is so much ice that it wasn't prudent for the dogs to be out too much. We worry about someone taking a bad fall or hurting their paws. The ice over snow makes it hard to do too much outside.

Ducks. Also elves.

The ducks were the only ones who ventured out - everyone else stayed inside.

The woods are pretty tho.

With another bitter cold night I had to bring the goats from the goat yard over to the Turkey House so they could all bunk together. It went bad for Nibbles. She isn't heavy enough to break thru the ice crust so mostly it was her screaming and sliding around. She figured out to walk in everyone's hoof and foot prints tho. I was not going to carry her .... and hooking her up to Zander's new harness just didn't sound like a great idea.... altho that would have been awesome.

Me. Got no elf in me. All dwarf.

So in lieu of anything interesting happening I will leave you with this self portrait... me in the snow.

Is everyone having a boring dog day? How's the ice and snow where you are?


buddeshepherd said...

We have four inches of snow and I can't find the dog harness. Stanley can pull a sled.
He has short hair (part Great Dane) and gets a little chilly. My wife takes pity on him and brought him in the house. She found him a doggie bed at GoodWill. He is curled up in a ball next to the wood stove and will not move. He even tolerates cats. He just doesn't care. He is NOT moving. He didn't even venture away from the stove to sleep on the couch in the middle of the night, which is one to the things that got him banned from the house in previous cold snaps.

Unknown said...

We had 3" last last night, no work (snow day!), and it's started snowing again in the last hour. 31, so it's not bad. Beats the bitter cold we had. I don't envy you, ice on snow....

jhausmann100 said...

We have no snow but lots and lots of RAIN, wet wet muck. Don't know which is worse snow and freezing ground or wet and muck.

Amanda said...

The ducks look like they're taking the hobbits to Isengard.

Ohiofarmgirl said...

Stanley sounds like he's figured the system out, Budd.

More snow here, LHinB, I've had just about enough.. *sigh*

hey JH - great to see you. Wish we had some rain about now. We wont thaw out until Thursday at least. It's very unusual.

Ha! Amanda, yes in deed. :-)

Vera said...

We're doing alright here, but rain on the way this coming week, so we could flood again. Not to worry, at least it is not cold (15C during the day), and there are plenty of other people who are worse off than us. Hope the weather warms up for you soon. Vx

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