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Friday, February 14, 2014

The Full Moon of the Raging Winter is Over!

Even the weather guys are saying that this is the Winter That Just Won't End. But thank heavens this full moon is over. With the dangerous combination of cabin fever, snow rabies, and the full moon - it has been down right ridiculous around here.

The Full Moon of the Raging Winter. Be gone!

But it's over and our hateful weather will break next week. There might even be temps into the 50*s! And rain.. lovely rain... I can't wait. We need to wash all this snow and crud off and get started with our spring.

Just in case you think it's just you imaging this has been a longer and harder winter... nope. Around here we've had some extraordinary days. Our snowfall total has been about 48" this winter - we are supposed to get about 17". Normally we have a day or two below zero - officially we've had 7.... at least. And since yesterday we've been below freezing for 11 days straight. Our normal temps should about 40*. Enough is enough!

Deb and Dahli about to....

We are gonna slog thru one more weekend with some snow then nothing but the sound of the White Death melting.. and the sap gushing from the maple trees!

...bonk each other on the head.

Oh.. all the things I'm gonna do as soon as we get out from under the frozen winter.... maybe I'll make a list...but until then...

Did everyone see this segment from the CBS morning news with Michio Kaku on the polar vortex? It was a good explanation of the wacky weather but what really caught my eye was the very last thing he said - that 2014 could be one of the hottest on record. We are taking that very seriously and are already planning what we can do now to prepare for another hotsy-totsy summer.

Happy Friday everyone! Is your snow melting yet? Are you already planning for summer?


Unknown said...

Since we moved up to NE Oklahoma all the weather has been strange. I swear we have seen records broken in every season since we moved out to the Home Place. So I've never had a season in the past three years that's been considered "normal" This winter though has affected almost the entire country and especially to the north and east. The last of our snow melted yesterday and today the sun is shining brightly. A welcome sight. Of course now the winds are blowing around 30mph, *sigh*
My plans for summer is to actually put in a fall garden. We'll see how that works out.
Take Care,

Unknown said...

Interesting article. "CBS This Morning” co-host Gayle King asked Kaku if "there is anything that can be done about these weather systems", duh. Sometimes reporters ask the most stupid questions!

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