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Monday, February 17, 2014

Still. Life.

This morning it's about 4* and dropping. Winter rages on. Still. Life continues.

Still life. 

The weather guy is still promising we can all get back to life later this week when we have a warm up and rain, glorious rain.

There are so many things I can' wait to do once we get out from under the White Death. All I can think about is getting up in the morning, putting on shorts, pulling on my boots, and walking outside into the sunshine.

I need to...

* Shovel out the hen house
* Shovel out the turkey house - on both sides
* Shovel out the goat house
* Make some meat of those creepy meat chickens
* Slash and burn a huge patch of bramble left over from the goat's clearing project
* Plant some trees from a sale last year
* Rototill everything
* Refence the upper garden
* Mulch all the things
* Prune all the fruit trees - hard
* Work on a new path between the Square garden and the pear trees
* Add a new garden space by the turn around
* Plant miles and miles of oats and black oil sunflowers
* Get the goats working down by the pond
* Work on a new pen behind the turkey house
* Come up with somewhere to put Tommy Boy and whoever is going to be his pasture buddy
* Do something about the roof on the goose house
* Prepare for the pig invasion

To be honest the project I'm most looking forward to is the pigz. Don't worry - I still got the hate for them but all I can think about it that sweet porky goodness of meat... glorious meat. Our pork stores are dangerously low and frankly we are about out. I sure do love chicken and turkey but man... what I need right now is some good ol' meat - even if it is the other white meat. 

Why don't we just buy some? Nah? That's not our bag, baby. If we don't have it we don't eat it. I'll scrape the bottom of the freezer and see if I can find a last package of chops.... while I'm planning for three pigz this year. One will be a mid-summer, early butchering meat frenzy.

In the meantime, I'll wait another hour at least for the sun to come up, put on my snow pants, pull on my heavy duty snow boots and slog thru one more day of winter. Still. Life continues. That is for sure.

Happy Monday everyone! Any body catching a break and have some springtime? What is your list?


Heavens Door Acres said...

Oh boy....I am with ya on this. My heart aches for warmer days. For us today...rain later. Yes...I am actually looking forward to it...for now. Oh, I am sure in a month or two...I will be cussing the rains, flooding, mud soup! But, for now I dream of the things I can't wait to dive into.... extending the hog pen into the woods, plant peach trees, prune and shore up those thorn-less blackberry bushes, spread TONS of lime in and around ALL of the animal pens, get the hog hut ready for the impending birth of our "bacon seeds" ( come on April) clean out chicken coops, duck huts, barn stalls, get the rabbits back out into the outside hutches, and garden!! Soon my friend, very soon, we will be laying in the green grass, stiff with aches and pains, and a BIG smile across our faces.

Unknown said...

We did, we had some real spring weather, and it dropped right out of no where. In the 20s one day and high 60s the next but you had to get all the way down here to north houston for it. I sure hope the white death lifts soon, what a winter this has been.

CB said...

I'll trade you summer for all of your snow. I think we skipped spring this year. Mid to upper 80's this weekend. We've already prepared a pen for 150 creepy meats, just need to finish 2 more tractors for them, repaired the irrigation ditch, put up the gates. A word on "Good fences make good neighbors." This is only true if you're keeping your animals in. If your neighbor has animals(sutds, mares, cows, and bulls) on your property 2-3 times/week and you have to spend $100's of dollars and 2 full weekends building pipe fence and gates to keep his animals out of your food, he's still not a good neighbor. And you'll appreciate this, he doesn't even have a yard to keep his 5(yes 5) outside dogs contained. 2 chihuahaus, a hound, a mastiff, and a great dane. They have about a half-mile roaming pattern.

OK, rant over, have a good week and send me your snow.

Laura said...

Rain! It's raining here in SW Ohio. The hens are going mad, running around in it. Maybe they have missed it as much as we have.

David said...

we just got 5 more inches today BAH!

D.Hausmann said...

Over here on the Oregon coast we didn't think we would get a winter for a long time, and then the rain started. Now we have been getting rain for a while, but still no snow. Mind you I am not complaining, we are only 1500 foot elevation and can see the ocean from the house, but we usually get a little snow even if it only lasts a week or so. My youngest son on the other hand lives up I-5 and got plenty of snow, a lot more than he wanted.

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