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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Farm Weekend

What a great weekend! The snow melted, we tapped our maple trees, and we worked on our meat chickens. More on that later - I've gotta get outside for chores. But here are a few happy snaps of some of our other goings on during this - our farm weekend.

This never gets old. Looks like we have another layer cranking up... The tiny eggs are hilarious.

I don't always have a proper petit déjeuner but when I do.... it's croissants from Dan the Baker.  And home made butter and jam

If you are on 'the facebook' you know that  had a spectacular day in town earlier in the week. We went to the North Market, had some stunning ice cream at Jeni's, and visited Dan's new retail shop. The shop was a little weird to find, but we were glad we went in. Dan provided us with some fabulous croissants - and it was fun to peek into the commercial kitchen thru the big window. I only wish I could have had some coffee as he had a really nice set up.

Pep is a little weird but her fur is just like velvet.

And Pepper was the star of our photog show yesterday. She was just beautiful sitting in the sun. Pep is our weirdest cat. You might remember her story here.

Happy Sunday everyone!  There will be more on our tree tapping tomorrow. Did you get your taps in?

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David said...

Hooray for sunshine!

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