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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

MI - What Is the Matter With You?

Seriously, Michigan? What is the matter with you?

Has everyone seen this? I hate to sound like one of those crazy conspiracy people but seriously, Michigan, why can't you get this right? It's not like there isn't plenty of free space up there. Why the farm hatin'? 

You'd think with as much economic strife that state has had they would have better things to do then run backyard beekeepers and folks with a few hens out of production. Don't you think they'd want their folks to invest in food production? I got news for you Michigan, the only property value you should be concerned with is that big city of yours.

As for the folks who are just trying to farm - maybe what you need is better marketing. I guess old ideas about how farming is "dirty" just won't die. Maybe we can come up with some catchy slogans like, "Backyard farming - our sh!t don't stink!" or maybe "Come on now, everybody compost!" or "Chickens and bunnies -  cute and snugly until they come to dinner!"  Well. Maybe that last one needs some work...

But my point is - what are you so afraid of, Michigan? That your citizens use some of that abandon property to grow some food and help themselves? That you might tackle that problem of food deserts in your cities?

You would think that Michigan would want to encourage small farm-based businesses and self reliance so why they are so concerned about "nuisance" animals encroaching on their neighbors is beyond me.

But who knows. As weird as it is for folks like us to try and understand why someone would be mad at a front yard garden.... that's how weird the complainers think we are. The difference, I guess, is in priorities.

When I lived in my West Coast in-city home one of my neighbors had a breakdown over my compost pile. To be clear - I didn't compost food or any kind of manure - just some leaves. Seriously they had a break down over it and built a fence to block out that small pile of leaves in the back corner of my property... then promptly set up an above ground pool directly outside my living room window, trolleyed their TV outside, and I spent the entire stinkin' summer listening to them watch Jeopardy while they were splashing around in the water. I ask you - who was more annoying? Silent leaves composting or the cocktail hour wading pool?

I dunno. I asked this over on the facebook, am I really just getting to be an old fuddy duddy or are things getting worse? Some of us think it's getting worse. As for Michigan -  good luck, suckers. You are only making your problems worse.

What about you - are you an old fuddy duddy? Or do you have a slogan that Michigan farmers could use to improve their situation?

Happy Tuesday everyone!


buddeshepherd said...

To the barricades!

IanH said...

Governments at times, seem to forget that they are supposed to be working for the people, and are responsible to the people. This restriction is just plain nonsense!

Vintage Maison said...

Happening in France too. Strict rules in the past few years about registering to raise sheep and pigs, so we can't anymore - financially not worth it for just a handful of animals. At one time, you could sell surplus vegetables, eggs etc at markets - now you have to have a business and that has to be registered for selling foodstuffs/farming products, insurance etc etc. What is wrong with the authorities?

David said...

It is a bit discouraging, and quite dumbfounding. I don't get it.

Anonymous said...

we know two families who left Michigan because the economy there is so bad. There just wasn't any work.
This is just another reason to leave Michigan. I would get out while I still could.

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