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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Nibbles' Epic Milk

In honor of this story today - thanks FDA really you're doing a superduper job - I'm making cheese. From raw milk. If you are to believe all the horrors that the FDA is spewing then I'll likely die.... probably from deliciousness.

Wow what a milk!

Nibble had an epic milk this morning. Check it out - it was over eight cups!

Thanks Nibs! Check in tomorrow to see if I died.

Happy Sunday everyone!


Mark said...


I've been doing research on farming/homesteading for awhile as I'm trying to get started. (Starting a garden, spending next week using vacation time working on my cousin's farm, may be looking in to chickens this fall, etc)

Anyway, I found your blog awhile ago and have read through your whole journey in my spare time over the past few weeks.

I just wanted to thank you for documenting everything, it's been very educational/entertaining/inspirational. I even got up the courage to try goat cheese thanks to you (it was awesome!).

Question for you if you don't mind: If you had one piece of advice (or more!) for an absolute beginner who dreams of farming, what would it be?

Thanks again, and I'll be continuing to follow along!

Oh, and way to go Nibbles!!!

David said...

Thatsallotta milk! Yay Nibs!

langela said...

I think I'm more impressed that you are balancing it on your fingertips. My hands ache just looking at it! :)

Ohiofarmgirl said...

hey Mark! wow great question.. i'm going with:
start where you are, use what you got, and do what you can.

i think the most important thing is to get started - all the planning in the world wont be worth a hoot if you are actually on the ground. expect failure and learn to embrace it instead of fear it. remember that everyone is different and everyone has their own limits. hum. maybe i'll do a post on this. THANKS for the great question - and for reading.

Nibs is a boss, Dave.

langela - i was so glad i didnt drop it! ha! *gives hugs*

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