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Friday, February 20, 2015

Something old, Fire, and it's way below 0*

I was going to complain about our extreme cold which is somewhere between -15* and -10*...and yeah that is without the wind. But then I thought, we need some laughs instead. Good thing I saw this list from NW Edible Life - doesn't everyone love her? You'll remember she was the one that did this landmark post on aggressive duck sex which sent us all to fits.

You will never look at adorable little ducks the same after reading this.

The "22 Signs You Are Desperate To Quit Your Office Job To Become A Homesteader" is pretty darn spot on. It got me thinking about how I flew to coop on my own corporate life.

Back then, tho, I didn't know I would end up actually farming. I just knew that my life had to change. We've been talking about this a lot lately. The Big Man and I get a lot of guff about our life and we don't get it. We are happy and we aren't hurting anyone. We know plenty of people who are living the life they "should" - but if you scratch the surface you see it isn't always that pretty.

Folks we know have waited their whole lives to retire to "do" stuff are laid up by injuries, maladies, or just don't make it that far. The worst story I knew of was a tech guy who struck it rich, cashed out, and moved to Tahoe with his family. The second day they were there he walked outside and shut the door too hard - the snow from the roof fell down and killed him. I still can't get over that one.

Or folks who are splashing around in big vats of money from their high paying jobs - but who don't have time to live their own life. They pay other people to do it. Or people on the other end of the scale who, thru bad luck and bad decisions, live in a financial ruin with no discernible way out.

So what's with all the guff? I don't think folks wish they had our life as much as they wish they had the gumption to get up and do it. So how did I do it?

I'm not sure. I think I'm just a regular person but I have never...ahem... lacked for confidence. And I have good courage - not the "here hold my beer while I do something foolish" but "good" courage. The kind you get from setting your jaw, setting your foot firmly, and making it work.  I feel the Hand of Provision on me so I have confidence that whatever happens I can make the best of it.

I'm also not one to sit around and be angry if someone else strikes it big. You can waste a lot of time and energy bemoaning why you don't have someone else's Blessing.  I don't live in a chronic state of lack where there isn't enough good stuff for everyone. I've never had an existential crisis and I don't (usually) sit around and wish I was somewhere else (altho right now I'd really love to be on Maui). Attitude really is everything.

So when the opportunity came up I took it. I jumped. Maybe it was foolish but we made the best of it. Was it perfect? No. Not by a long shot but The Big Man and I do the best we can and just keep swimming.

But what about a plan? And charts? Nope. We just knew that we could rely on ourselves to work it out.

What's my best advice for how to quit your office job and become a homesteader? Work really hard and really smart. Position yourself to be debt free. Learn skills and prepare yourself mentally. If you are a younger person then get the best education you can afford and manage your career in such a way that you can make money while you are young. Don't just let your life happen to you. Don't waste your time on foolish pursuits and folly. Turn off the TV so you are not beguiled by a competitive, consumer life.  And quit comparing yourself to your friends on facebook. Develop optimism. Concentrate on gratitude.  Do the good works that you are appointed to do. And then when you get the chance. Just jump.

So my 'something old' I wrote this a while ago. Here is my story of how I gave ran screaming from my old life and got here. Names have been changed to protect the guilty but I still laugh about that poor gal having such a hard time trying to tell me I was laid off - when in fact that's exactly what I wanted. A while ago it clicked and I figured out who was in the room with her and I still laugh about it. It was my former boss and he was too much of a coward to tell me himself. I don't miss that guy at all. I don't miss my corporate life. I do miss Maui but even now, sitting here still well below 0*, I don't think I could go back.

Happy Friday everyone! Are you sitting around in your office job? Are you working on flying the coop? What are you waiting for? Jump!

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Vera said...

Well said! We took the opportunity to move to France when it came up even though I was soon going to be sixty, which is old by UK standards. Never a moment of regret have I had even though things have been tough sometimes. The move gave me back me, and for that I am eternally grateful.

IanH said...

Good advice! I retired at 56, moved to an acreage and had a great time until health issues hit at 70. The key to doing this? 10% per year into a retirement fund starting at an early age and working hard to get out (read stay out) of debt!

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