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Saturday, September 26, 2015

And then there were none.

That was it. The final meat chicken from the season was sent to the block today. I'm pretty sure those last three meat hens will not last until the fresh ones are ready.

They got me. My only chicken-related injury this entire summer. On the very last chicken.

So what are we going to do? Well. Scrape the very bottom of the freezer, plump up those pigz as fast as we can, and generally just make it up as we go. We will probably have to buy some meat. However, my husband is pretty freaked out by an article he read in Consumer Reports about ground beef. 

Normally we don't buy store meat. But on a few occasions we did - we were not impressed.

I'll probably also start stalking Craigslist to see if anyone chickened out on butchering their own creepy meats... or turkeys. Or maybe someone's fair project didn't go as planned. So we'll see.

But until that sad day when I'll have to go in to the store with the rest of the suckers.... I'll be enjoying every bite of the last of our chickens.

Happy Saturday everyone! Winner winner - chicken dinner. For now anyway.....


Vera said...

Hope you get those pigs fattened up soon. Shop bought meat is never the same after having your own. Good luck with the Craigs list hunt.

lizzybaxter said...

What's the update on the USDA allowing companies to outsource chicken processing? For real, is that really going to happen? Why doesn't the media cover stuff like this? Ugh.

David said...

Seriously - Ground beef from the store creeps me out. Especially when it has multiple countries of origin on the package. Rather by a lean steak and a fatty rib beye and grind them together.

Ohiofarmgirl said...

thanks, Vera, we are feeding them double time! ha!

not sure, Carol, i'll have to do some snooping. some folks say that it was just to sweeten a trade deal but if they even put it in there then i'm very concerned. there is a lot of seafood that is already processed and then shipped back so i think it will happen.

you said it Dave, i'm going to be on the lookout for a whole cow.

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