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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

These two...... I got you, Little Brother

This happened yesterday - our biggest cat, Nicholas, snuggled up and put a protective paw around his favorite buddy, Little Mo. Little Mo had a hard day on Sunday so he needed some extra lovin's.

I got you, Little Brother.

Technically they are not really brothers - they are not litter mates. But we are all one big happy family here.  Nicholas and Little Mo are best pals and basically inseparable. They couldn't be more different. Nicholas is our best inside hunter and our most expressive cat... and Little Mo was The World's Worst Barncat who always looks a little sad and a little surprised.

You can see that Nicholas's huge mousestomper paws are bigger than Little Mo's back feet entirely. Mo's tiny little Mickey Mouse paws are no threat to anyone - instead of Daggers of Doom they are pretty much Doom Spoons. Nicholas charges into adventure while Little Mo slinks into the shadows. Nicholas slays the dangers in life while Little Mo has virtually no tools to handle life's adversities. Mo's only superpower is the suck all the adorableness out of a room with his wide eyes.

Sunday we had a full scale freak out over Little Mo. He didn't eat breakfast. For a cat who has never missed a meal it was pretty surprising. Of course, we had somewhere to go that day because there is never a convenient crisis. We didn't know if we'd end up at the after hours vet..... or if Little Mo just ate a bunch of popcorn that we left out from movie nite.

After a lot of futzing we determined that Mo was not in crisis. Later we learned that he was just fine and ate dinner like normal. What's the big deal? Cats - especially shy ones like Little Mo - hide their symptoms. Sometime you have no idea anything is wrong before it is too late.

When she was young one of my old lady cats was on the brink of total kidney failure and the only clue was that she sat someone else at night. That was it. I took her to the vet and the only symptom to report was that she wasn't watching TV with me. After some scoffing by the office staff the blood work revealed a crisis. We got her fixed up and she went on to live 18 good long years. So we take changes in behavior seriously.

So now Little Mo is back to rights after a hard day of us hovering over him. Nicholas gave him some extra snuggles and all is right with the world.

I'm also using this picture of Nicholas to catch OneVikingGirl's attention.... I used your spice suggestion on roasted turnips and they were terrific! Thanks so much.

Happy Wednesday everyone!


Vera said...

Glad Little Mo is better.....Hope he stays well.

Onevikinggirl said...

You always have my attention! I wish I was Little Mo (although with breakfast). Glad that he is better! Great spice combo, isn't it?

Ohiofarmgirl said...

thanks, Vera!

yay! Nicholas would totally snuggle you OVG! yay! and yep Little Mo is all better. tonite i'm having even more roasted veg with mayo.

Unknown said...

That is a relief. I've read that most animals will hide symptoms so as not to attract predators. Just means we have to be more observant. I also notice that Taz will go straight to bed some nights if she's not hungry, otherwise she will hang around in the kitchen to see what falls on the floor. I don't know what she eats on the not-hungry days, but lately we haven't been getting so many chicken eggs....

Ohiofarmgirl said...

Kai doesnt always eat either, Liz, it's very frustrating. but it's her "norm" so we are ok with it. it would be interesting to find out what Taz is up to.... hum.... mostly Kai is hoping she'll get something better. but with Mo it was completely out of his character so we were worried. luckily he was fine for dinner. give Taz smooches from me!

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