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Friday, August 16, 2013

Country Driving

We had to drive into the nearest big city the other day. As you know, I don't particularly like driving. Being a passenger is almost even worse.

After about an hour I was slumped in the seat listlessly asking "Are we there yet?"

We weren't.

But I did get to see the sunrise over lot of rolling fields. It was really beautiful. The fog lifted as we drove along.

After we did our appointed tasks I was free to see the big city. Mostly I wanted to check out the North Market so I drove right over. And it wasn't opened yet. It's still a shock to me that people don't get up in the morning. I stood there forelornly looking at the "closed" sign.

But I made the best of it and went and looked at extremely expensive groceries. But I found some great finds and was very warmly greeted by the folks who worked there. After, that is, they recoiled in horror at my huge work truck taking up most of their parking lot.

The smart/mini car drivers were also deeply offended. I dared them to hit me with their roller scooters as they were busy screaming insults because I was driving too slow. Provided, however, they could get up to ramming speed either they'd just get stuck under my heavy duty suspension or they'd be left in a crumpled heap. I know this because it's happened before. The only thing I felt was compassion for that poor gal - I barely felt the bump as she plowed under me. But this day I mostly got mean looks. I just smiled and waved.

Back at the North Market I got a perfect cappuccino. I like to terrorize baristas by using standard Starbucks ordering vernacular at boutique shops. It makes them insane. She finally got frustrated and told me she only has one size and it was not a "tall."

"I'll take it!" I said and then she made the best coffee drink I've had since I moved out here. So it ended well. It was, however, an 12 ounce cup. That's a tall. I can't wait for Peet's to open so I can do that all day.

Finally I turned my air craft carrier sized truck around and headed back home. I came. I saw. I farmed up the place.

Happy Friday everyone! Anyone else driving into town?


buddeshepherd said...

For many years I drove a 1966 Ford pickup. I think I last parked it perhaps ten years ago. It is still where I parked it. All it needed was a little work on the distributor and I'm sure it was only a 15 minute job. But...
Anyway, When I was first married my lovely and gracious wife took the truck to work in the big city.
When she returned she told an amusing story about the truck's exhaust setting off all the car alarms in the parking lots.
I suspect that her decision to laugh about this incident is the key to our continuing marriage. Either that or her life long goal was to live in a trailer house, er manufactured home, in a machinery lot surrounded by items that should be in a museum.

Little Homestead In Boise said...

If that was a farmer's market kinda thing they probably get up in the morning but do things that others didn't see behind the scenes before they open. Never heard of Peets but "Mayan Chocolate Mocha" sounds delish!

David said...

Thanks for the laugh! Not much one for foo foo coffee drinks but I liked you story

Ohiofarmgirl said...

I gotta say, Budd, you got yourself a keeper there. And as they say, loud pipes save lives.

Oh gosh, LHiB, Peets is a west coast thing - I'm surprised they are out there everywhere.

Thanks Dave, I love me a good cappuccino. They are few and far between out here. I once got into an argument with a local SBUX employee about the proper name and preparation of one of their drinks. They had to get out the manual and everything. I was right. And became known as "That Lady with Foam Issues.

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