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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Young Turks Meet the Bucket

Turkeys are not overly stupid. We've found they just don't like new things. Yesterday I introduced them to a water bucket. It blew their minds.

 The bucket was almost too much for them.

We don't let young poultry use an open bucket like this until they are big enough to stand up in it. A bucket of water is the most dangerous thing in the barnyard to little creatures. They must have known since they eyed the bucket with suspicion.

No one was brave enough to belly up to the bucket and get a drink. There were a lot of pips and odd looks... then they shoved someone forward and he got the first drink. The rest of the herd followed. They loved the bucket for the rest of the day.

That one is saying, "What are you kidding me? What is THAT?" Turkey = Mind blown.

Then I really spun their little turkey world on its axis.... I gave them some sunflowers. It was met with surprised resistance. Eventually they started pecking at the flowers. Then they all got exhausted from the new things and so everyone took a nap. Pretty much that's all the excitement turkeys can take for a day.

My big surprise was that they seemingly doubled in size overnight. So I spent the rest of the day shoveling out the garage so I can expand their pens.

Happy Wednesday everyone! Did your turkeys double in size?


David said...

That's just plain funny - thanks for the laugh! How long do you let them go before you harvest them?

Kaela said...

Not yet, but I suspect they will very soon. We have almost 30 turkeys this year! What were we thinking?!

buddeshepherd said...

Over the decade he has worked for us, our Turkey has tripled in size... To the point of when he complains about lack of seat comfort I reply, "It's the pants honey..." This is often followed by an unrepeatable response...

Unknown said...

My turks are growing like snails I feel like. They're bourbons though so I'm comparing them to how my bronzes grew years ago and that's like comparing a broiler to a heritage breed chicken lol
Whenever mine are introduced to anything new it's hilarious. I gave them a half of an over grown zucchini a couple weeks ago and the two of them stood around it pipping and wing-karate chopping it to make sure it wasn't alive I guess.
It took one of 'their' chickens (the faverolles are their buddies) finally eating on it to get them to stop beating it haha

Unknown said...

My favourite turkey moment was when we opened the cage to let them free-range. The 2 girls got out first, but the 2 boys took about half an hour to figure out how the door worked (as in how to walk out through the door). Then they all jumped up on the cage and sat there. I only let them out twice, there were just too unpredictable.

Anonymous said...

I like turkeys AND I like to eat turkey! Can you imagine smoked turkey meat ??? I once had a pet turkey that my brothers and I cleverly named "TOM". He would follow me everywhere and was pretty darn smart. He kept POOPING under my mom's closeline, not smart, he ended up in the oven.
Thank you for sharing ! Todd

Amanda said...

I needed that laugh, thanks for sharing. Turkeys=mind blown. hahaha :)

Ohiofarmgirl said...

Hey Dave! These guys will be ready for stuffing at 4 months... and we'll grow some out longer also.

Kaela, You were thinking TURKEY! YAY! That's what I think too.

Did it sound like, "aggoooblegooblegoooble"?

Hi LinB! There is never a dull moment around here...

Yep, Heather, our BR's grew out slowly also it was more like 8 or 9 months but we got some beautiful birds.

FLiz, yep. That's the way of it. They do not like new things and stick close to home. Usually.

Hey Todd! Yep, Tom is a fine name for a turkey.. hee hee hee. I can't wait to get some in the smoker - going to be delish!

Amanda, turkey are very very funny. They are such big gawky birds... its always something with them.

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