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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Thursday Summer Scenes

This week has flown by - I can't believe it's Thursday already. Our unusually cool weather is going to continue for the next week and I'm loving it. We got a bit of rain but that is just helping with all the fall planting I've been doing.

These peaches became a beautiful crisp. 

I'll be trimming off the broken branches as the fruit comes off those poor little tumbled down peach trees. If you can believe it we had another tree flop over! We brought a little tree over from the old farm and planted it out by the road. It hasn't really done much this whole time but this year has taken off. The other day I was admiring how well it was doing - later that day I walked back out and the whole top half had fallen over. For heavens sakes. Next year I'm going to be ruthlessly pruning those fruit trees.

I love this shot of a tomato blossom with my tall sunflowers in the back and also a few apples hanging around. This is the first year for this apple tree and it is loaded!  What a great year for fruit!

The only problem with these cooler temperatures is that it seems that the tomatoes sure are taking their time to ripen. Maybe I'm just anxious to be over run by tomatoes.

But the dahlias love this weather. They don't seem to be a very popular plant in this part of the country but I just love them. This rose and white dahlia is just lovely.

Everyone needs more radishes.

Today will be more about cleaning and weeding and fall planting. I'm hoping to resurrect my Broccoli Empire. Some of the plants seem to be getting a second wind and are growing again. We'll see what happens.

Happy Thursday everyone! Are you doing cleaning and weeding and fall planting?

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Robin said...

No, but I should be. Maybe tomorrow....it's raining here today. Gotta love this weather!

Anonymous said...

Peaches look delish ~ great photo and macro flower photo is exquisite ~ Good Luck with you fruit tree pruning ~ Happy Day ^_^

Autumn said...

Apparently, when my Great-Grandma B had her pear tree flop over from being totally loaded, she would put up a little crutch for the tree. Since then, the tree has died (of being old! imagine that) but I know that up until it died, my Nana had kept putting up a crutch for the tree. That's a pretty sweet load of peaches you've got going on! They look totally delicious.

Unknown said...

We had a terrible branch split off our main trunk of our apple tree. We repaired it and hope it will survive. Next year- major fruit tree pruning by a pro.

Vera said...

We have visitors, and it is hot, so no gardening today. But Fall planting! Crikey, I am still wrestling with the summer plantings let along thinking about the winter!

Ohiofarmgirl said...

I love this weather too, Robin. so much easier to work in.

thanks for stopping by, ACH!

Autumn - what a great idea about propping the tree up - i'll have to do that next time. and give it a hard pruning.

ugh! its so hard to watch the fruit trees topple over! hope it makes it, LHinB!

time moves along, Vera! its tough to keep up.whew!

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