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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Potatoes! Potatoes! Read all about it!

Hey look how great this is! My friend Pam Ritter over at Pam's Pride Recommendations wrote an ebook about canning potatoes and how to use them!

This newly released book is just great - I wish I had it for my canning tools post because it's a perfect how to get started reference. And I learned things too! Canning potatoes is fun, easy, and makes for some fast suppers. We have a lot of potatoes to harvest so when Pam let me know about her new ebook, I ran right over to the Kindle and bought it.

Pam is a work at home mom of six kids so she really knows how to be organized, frugal, and sensible. But the thing I like most about her is that even tho she has her hands full she always had time for a supportive word.  I appreciate that so much - what a wonderful gal!

For just $2.99 Canned Potatoes and Recipes is a great bargain. Not only is it full of easy and fun recipes - there is a whole "bonus" section. I learned a lot and now I have tons of ideas for all these taters. Her no-nonsense tips and recipe ideas are great for a busy family. And what great ideas! The best thing that I learned was to....

Ahh.... nope. I'm not telling - you've gotta check out the ebook yourself.

Pam, thanks so much for this great potato book! Now I need to run right out and start digging some of these taters. I can't wait to try out some of these recipes!

To learn more about Pam, check out her website here where she has tons of recommended ebooks, or her facebook page. You can purchase Canned Potatoes and Recipes at Amazon by either clicking on any of the links on this post or from Pam's website here.

Happy Thursday everyone! Are you digging potatoes? Are you canning them?

Editors note: Is this paid endorsement? No - are you kidding? I bought it myself and besides I'm just not that cheap. However, if you purchase the ebook from the links to Amazon I'll get a tiny percentage of the sale which supports this blog and it won't cost you anything more. Why did I do this review? Because  I know Pam and think she is terrific and so is her ebook. You should check out all the great ebooks she promotes....and then get some.

1 comment:

David said...

Definitely digging them! Don't have enough o can but we're really enjoying them!

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