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Sunday, August 4, 2013


I scored a peck basket of these beautiful baby eggplants. I think the variety is called Fairy Tale. Aren't they lovely?

Beautiful baby eggplants!

Some were used for a marinated eggplant dish the other night. Today we'll be having some in a stir fry. I'm also going to try my pal D's Turkish Eggplant Salad. I also snagged some cucumbers. I wanted some of the small pickling ones - but they only had large and medium sized.

Got some onions also!

But that's OK. We've been on a Greek-style food kick lately so eggplant and cukes are perfect. Along with my home grown garlic we made a stunning tzatziki sauce. Add a home made hummus and yogurt marinated pork kabobs and Oppa! What a meal!

I love buying local produce. And when I say local I mean I know exactly which Amish neighbor I'm buying from. I can't grow a big onion, a decent cuke, or for that matter an eggplant in my bad soil.... but I can sure reap the benefits of my neighbor's labor. I feel good about handing over my folding money knowing that I'm helping a local family sustain their way of life... and that this produce was not shipped from halfway across the world.

Happy Sunday everyone! Are you buying local? Anyone got any other eggplant recipes?


Rachel said...

This is really lovely - http://harmonioushomestead.com/2012/08/02/eggplant-antipasto/

We sliced, battered and fried some of our garden eggplant for eggplant parmesan. Tonight we're using one in ratatouille.

Unknown said...

I grow the small Japanese version (Ichidai?) and I like to saute them in a little olive oil and garlic and toss them into a tomato saute for pasta. Or you can slice them into long thin stips and sub for the pasta, and make an eggplant lasagna. Really good!

David said...

woot! nice score.. I have many eggplant recipes... About to make another!

4theluvofgardening said...

Pretty eggplants. I am growing Listada eggplants and they look similar, but larger in size.

edh said...

Baba ganouj! My favorite way to eat eggplant (besides fried); roast one big (or 2-3 small) eggplants over a flame or on the grill, making sure they get good and toasty. The skin should be split and charred all over so they get a nice smokey taste. Scrape out the insides, mash them up with a fork, and add a bit of tahini, lemon juice, garlic, and salt. The proportions of the latter ingredients are roughly the same as in hummus, but less of them in proportion to the eggplant, if that makes sense. Great with vegetables or pita bread. I do have a proper recipe around somewhere, if you should want it.

Unknown said...

I found these eggplant fries-
http://paleomagonline.com/Free/04-13_PM-Digital.pdf page 61.

Ohiofarmgirl said...

Thanks Rachel! this is great!

Oh I just love them fried, LhiB!

Dave, just saw your egg/eggplant dish - wow!

Thanks 4tloG! The Listada are just lovely - and I love Baker Creek!

Plus saying, babaganouj is so fun to say! Thanks edh :-D

Would have never thought of fries, LhiB! Great resource too!

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