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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Buckets of things.

Today's happy snaps are buckets of things.....

Like this bucket of ducks - sold for just ten bucks to a nice gal and her kids. Originally I was texting the unknown buyer who said they would show up to the meeting place in a "purple Camaro." I couldn't wait. I meet a lot of interesting while selling livestock on Craigslist - I figured a Burt Renyolds wannabe would show up in a bitchin' Camaro with a boss paint job. Nope. Just a regular gal. Her kids were thrilled and I escaped the scowling eye of The Big Man who doesn't think we need one more piece of waterfowl.

And these tomatoes - what a lovely bucket of maters! Are you making salsa yet? I'll be starting this week and I can't wait. But this time I'll make sure to take special precautions so we don't have a repeat of last year's emergency.

Finally this little guy. I found him in one of my buckets hiding under some leaves. I'm not afraid of snakes, but I don't like them touching me. Even tho this little guy just eats worms and stuff, frankly, we can't have that kind of foolishness around here. I need my worms. It is also a fact that a lot of these little worm eating snakes end up in the basement. Gato Diablo takes care of them and I find their shattered bodies.

Initially I just showed the snake to the dogs. Dog#1 just looked at me, Zander just looked at the bucket - but Kai was astounded. Normally we just find garter snakes out in the yard. I'll tell the dogs "look at this stick!" - then it moves. All four paws off the ground. Drills like this keep the dogs on their toes and provide hilarity for me.

I couldn't just let this worm destroyer go about his terrible work. So I looked around for an assassin. Our King of Barncats, Shine, couldn't be bothered and just rolled over where he was asleep in the sun. What I needed was a stone cold killer.


My war chickens, The Hennin, came running. It looked, for a second, that the little snake might actually get away. But Raspberry, my beautiful french hen, saw him. She pounced and ran. The rest of the Hennin ran after her. Eventually there was a tug of war and it ended badly for the sneaky snake.

Do chickens eat snakes? You bet they do. They eat all sorts of gross things. If I gave you the list you'd probably puke in your cherrios. What do you do if your chickens eat something disgusting? Nothing. They are carnivores and will eat anything that moves - or doesn't.

I'm about to head out - no telling what will be filling my buckets today. What about you - what's in your buckets?

Happy Sunday everyone!


Robin said...

I've finally got buckets of tomatoes!!! Made the salsa today!!!

Unknown said...

Cute ducklings! I know my hens have eaten baby sparrows that fell out the some nests in their run. Ew, but hey- it's protein!

Vera said...

I agree about hens eating everything in sight. At the moment they have developed a taste for my poorly performing tomatoes, the little hooligans, although I don't call them that when I am chasing them out of the veg plot! Vx

Ohiofarmgirl said...

Great work, Robin!

Chickens are just barbarians, LHiB, i'm always amazed at what they do. I tell everyone that if the chickens actually got me on the ground then i would be a gonner.

Hooligans is just right, Vera! I always have one hen that destroys my prized tomato the day before its really for picking. For heavens sakes.

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