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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Corn, Sunflower, and Moon... and some farm notes

 The moon setting over corn and sunflowers at dawn

Wow what a morning! I love the idea of the moon over the sunflowers.. later in the season this picture will be reversed and instead of the "moon and sunflower at dawn"... it will be "moon and sunflower at sun set."

A couple farm notes:
* Zucchini is firing on all cylinders.. time to break out the zucchini bread recipe. It freezes really well and when made with half or more whole wheat flower - isn't a bad-for-ya snack.
* Pumpkinzilla is taking over the hillside garden so I'm having to move some things including the peppers.
* The peas in the front garden were sacrificed so that Turkey Momma and her poults could get out and stretch their legs during the day -- the turkey house was just too confining for these baby poults on the go.
* Our other currently brooding turkey hen, Bramble, looks miserable... we've lost one egg a day over the last week. I think its the heat. The eggs should be due to hatch in the next several days....
* Which means the remaining jakes/toms need to go. Not TZ or Turkey Bob of course... but I'm in a butcherin' mood and the weather is cool....
* Golly the Meeps are cute - and growin' like weeds.
* Got 3 little salmon faverolle chicks.. they are just stunning.
* I set a barred rock hen down on a heap of eggs..she looks determined to brood so who am I to stop her? If all goes well... should hatch July 21 or 22. Remember... chickens are the currency and we are stockin' up!
* Weedin', weedin', weedin.. honestly will I ever catch up?
 * On the good news front... I yanked up a 'tater and there was just one small, new potato - delicate skin and ultra-tasty!

 Whatcha doin' sittin' there? Get out there and get them weeds up!

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Chai Chai said...

Zucchini cooked in garlic, sea salt, and butter - yum.

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