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Friday, July 9, 2010

What beez love... one more. And rain.

Bee balm!
This bee balm is just stunning at dawn.

Our hummingbirds love it also. I was lucky that the previous owners had a big clump of it that I could divide several times and put around the gardens.

The rain has finally come on - we've been baking for days now. Everyone was relieved. I almost went out and stood in the yard with the ducks. They didn't even bother heading for shelter - just stood there enjoying the cool. Unfortunately... Puddles and her brood of 9 baby ducks were also out there! So I scooted her in the duck garage. The geese would have stayed out also, but their little ones still don't have feathers so they are in their goose hut until the rain stops. Then it will be nothing but puddle splashin' fun!

While I'm inside also I'm taking the opportunity to work on the zucchini problem. Gotta love the zucchini - but before they get completely out of control I'm making some zucchini chocolate chip bread. My recipe makes 2 loaves - so one for now and one for the freezer. Its great to have a baked snack ready to eat in the fall and winter.

Happy rainy day!


Ken Broadhurst said...

Enjoy your blog. Your weather sounds like ours right now. Hot, with some stormy, rainy days. We don't have the animals and birds, but the garden is growing nicely.

Ohiofarmgirl said...

hey Ken! Good to see you. Yep - its been a misery here. I chuckled when I saw everyone commiserating with you yesterday.

Does everyone know Ken and his spectacular blog???:

I nearly fell over when I read Ken's older posts about how he decided to leave his "big life"...and move to France. He and I even had the same song in our heads that just may have been the tipping point.

He may not have a farm or critters... but we definitely had a similar path. He has a beautiful garden, a lovely home, a great dog, and a spectacular cat named, Bertie. And he's a mad photog - so check out his pix.

Chai Chai said...

I so love zucchini, especially cooked with butter and garlic. We can't get it to grow here - yet. More goat droppings on the garden and maybe next year...

Anonymous said...

I want bee balm! Everyone's is blooming but I never saw it at the nursery and growing things from seed here has not worked for me.

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