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Thursday, July 8, 2010

What beez love

Did everyone plant sunflowers?  I just love them - and so do our beez:
This is a great pic to zoom in on... see one of our hard workin' beez?

And squash...
Until we got our beez I had never noticed how much they love squash blossoms. They love this patty pan squash.

Because our beez are so valuable (with all the pollinatin' and such) I took the time to plant a small "bee garden" by the upper hive:  lavender, bee balm, lemon balm, thyme, cat mint, and the like.  I also left some of the buckwheat (from my soil improvement project) standing. As an extra measure we rotate the mowing of our yard to allow the low white clover to blossom. Sometimes it looks a little shaggy - but you can't do enough for the beez!

The beez should love this spot under the fruit tree, the hive is in the background. We also put a low dish of water nearby - everything a bee could need.

Thats the buzz.. have a great day! (Are you keeping your poultry cool? Keep those water buckets full!)


Chai Chai said...

Do your humming birds visit the sunflowers?

Do you keep the seeds for yourself or do the animals get them?

Ohiofarmgirl said...

hi CC! good to see you..and great work on the milk stand! Your little goaties are adorable

I have not seen hummingbirds on the sunflowers - but they are mad for the hosta flowers...I'm glad I know this now b/c I dont like the flowers and was going to cut them all down!

Sunflowers are for the barnyard - I don't like to eat them. We keep a lot from the previous year to plant the next. They are great bird feeders for the wild birds - and everyone in the barnyard loves to eat them. A great treat as we get into the fall and winter.

Chai Chai said...

Know who else likes Hostas? Goats and deer go crazy for Hosta leaves, they must taste like candy to them.

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