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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Why we write things down...or... Hey honey! Would ya look at that...

Apparently one of us forgot to figure out when Miss Puddles (aka The Worst Broody EVER) sat herself down on her nest. So...

Guess what we found this morning:

Would you just look at that little rascal peepin' out under momma Puddles!
We were supposed to give her a couple of weeks of setting to be sure she wouldn't be scared off her nest ...and then take up most of the eggs. We like our poultry to go thru the brooding cycle, if they are so inclined. But we are usually more organized and note the date so we can limit the number in our hatches. But someone forgot. Yikes! This is why we write things down - for heavens sakes.

And we just pawned off a truckload of ducks on some sucker.. I mean, a close and dear friend... and now we are right back in the duck soup, so to say. Golly, wonder what we are going to do with this batch... humm....

To be sure, I'm a sucker for a cute little white ducks. Ducklings with yellow baby fluff turn white so looks like that little one is safe as kittens. But she looks like a trouble maker for sure.. just like this little love:

 I mean seriously.

This is little Black Beak - from the inside gosling crew. He's really getting big...and just loves the snuggles.  OD and the rest of the geese aren't interested in the two inside "gooslings" at all....so looks like we are just raising them ourselves. Its a thankless job but someone has to do it. Ha!

Happy 4th everyone!

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