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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hot enough for ya?

Is it HOT enough for ya?

Wow if you can't stand the heat... well.. too bad. Farming means getting out there even if its hot.

Keeping the poultry cool and the rest of the critters happy is a full time job. Don't be afraid to run the sprinklers in the chicken yard and especially for the waterfowl. If its really bad, hose down your poultry houses by spraying the roofs with the hose.  And making puddles by (over) watering your garden keeps the plants happy and the little ducks from drying out. I run the sprinklers at all times during the day as a way to keep everyone cool. Wasting water? Tell the eco-nuts to bite me. Evapotranspiration is good for everybody!

Sun rises on a soon-to-be scorching day

But this is how little Meeps cool off...
Our inside Meeps (goslings) are doing great. They've been outside on the grass but we put them in the tub to cool off every couple hours. They love it.

Like all little kids - they try and hide when the whistle blows for "everybody out of the pool!"

And the first ear of sweet corn has been spotted!
Destined for the grill... come one little ear of corn.. grow!

Whatcha doin' inside?! Get out there and refill the water buckets, wet down the grass, and make sure everyone has enough shade. Even more than in cold weather, your poultry and stock keeping should be on double duty in the heat.

Happy HOT Summer everyone!

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Unknown said...

Water, water, everyhwere - we have kiddie pools and buckets all over the yard, LOL - I can't wait for this heat to pass! At least with all the rain we got this spring we don't have to be concerned about using it now. Gotta love OH in July...

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