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Friday, July 16, 2010

Mailbox - tool box... a great idea for your garden

How great is this idea:
I use an old mail box as a tool box for my garden tools. 

I love having a place to put my tools where I work - especially for my far away gardens. Having all my tools in one place and out of the weather really works...and saves trips up and down the hill.  If you are like me you already have two of most of your garden tools, anyway - so why not have a safe, weather proof place to put them?  Plus its kinda cute to have a mail box by the garden gate.

Of course I can't take credit for this idea - I just can't remember where I saw it!

Happy gardening everyone!


Mimi said...

That's a very cute idea. It looks very quaint sitting in the garden.

Chai Chai said...

What a great idea. It is practical, dry, and looks great!

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