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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Breaking News! And Crenshaw Squash

Breaking News!  Pippin' is happening!  I'm so egg-cited... Mrs. Beezley's eggs are starting to pip!

I hope they make it - pipping (or breaking out of the shell) is hard work. And as we learned, not only with Penny's goslings and with Mrs. Dowlrimple's latest clutch of chicks, sometimes they need a little extra help. I'll go out and check on them again in a little bit to see if anyone needs help out of the shell.

Mrs. Beezley has been 'talking' to her eggs for the last couple of days so hopefully the chicks are alive and will be welcomed to the world this afternoon or tomorrow. Perfect timing with moving Mrs. D and The Bugs into the day coop with the salmon chicks. My plan for world domination thru poultry... I mean.. tapping into the new chicken currency.. I mean.. having more chickens... is working.

In gardening news, just have to tell you about this squash:

I have it in my head (because of course I lost the seed packet) that its called a Crenshaw Squash but now I cant find a reference for it. Does anybody know for sure?

This squash is turning out to be one of the best growers this year. Apparently these big guys are immune to the evil squash bug. Other squash are failing in huge numbers but these guys are going strong.

Their vines are running rampant and I'm finding them hanging from trees and from the fences. I hope it makes a good pie.

And don't forget its Wormer Wednesday! Get those goaties their herbal wormer once a week. 

Winkin' at the sunrise


Mr. H. said...

That is a fine looking squash, I would be very interested to hear more in the future on how you think it tastes. Perhaps I need to grow a few in my own garden. Congratulations on all the pipping.:)

Ohiofarmgirl said...

Hi Mr. H! I'm so excited about the squash... some of my sugar pie pumpkins dont look like they are going to make it so I'm thrilled to have these.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Yes you have a Crenshaw Squash, you can make pies out of them just like a pumpkin, some say it tastes better than pumpkin! I have some huge ones in my garden this year!

Ohiofarmgirl said...

thanks Anon! yep we just love these - they are fantastic growers and are impervious to bugs!

Anonymous said...

Iowaboy says

I've grown Crenshaw squash for years. Save your seeds for future plantings. To date the largest squash was #48. The wife makes them into pumkin pies and pumpkin bars with cream cheese frosting!! Yummy!!!

susan said...

We love Crenshaw squash. They make the BEST "pumpkin" pie ever. I am looking for seeds. We brought squash back to FL from PA last year and carefully planted the seeds but they must have been hybrid because we only got one little squash. All the rest formed and then died. Can you help me find seeds?? Enjoy your wonderful squash!!

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