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Monday, August 16, 2010

Last step: Bottling honey

Yesterday we did the last step of our honey processing - we got it all bottled up. Well, some of it. This week we'll have to go and get more jars.

This step really was the easiest. We just set up the bottling bucket, got the jars ready, and filled them.

But based on our low confidence of doing this without covering everything in honey, we decided to do this over the counter and not risk the floor.  We just set the bottling bucket up on a stool (covered of course), positioned the jars with a funnel and opened the valve and...

filled the jars.

We did not have enough jars to finish.  These pint jars turned out to be about a pound and a quarter of honey. Shh.. don't tell our family but this is what they are getting for Christmas!

We'll get smaller jars this week and shoot for one pound units. This will allow us to provide a uniform product - we are hoping one of the old timers we know (with a farm stand) will sell them for us.

The honey is just beautiful - clear and golden.

Thanks, beez!

And thanks for all the interest. We'll do a post on getting set up with beez for all the folks thinking about it. Just like anything - mostly its just work ...and a little bit of hoping that things turn out. We probably won't cover all our set up costs this year. But knowing that we have strong and productive hives gives us a profound sense of satisfaction. We laughed that between the beez and the goats we are truly in The Good Land of Milk and Honey!

Happy Monday!


Mimi said...

How cool that you have a whole bunch of free local sugar. Yum!

Ohiofarmgirl said...

I know! This whole thing has got to be one of the most satisfying farm projects we've done.

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