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Thursday, August 19, 2010

The problem I am solving today...and more

Now this is a ridiculous problem... as Bug Bunny would say - this one is a lulu!

Any ideas how to get this monster squash un-stuck from the fence?

After I get that one figured out I have a full dance card. First, I'm also gonna dig more taters... look at these beauties!  This is just a handful of the lovely potatoes we have out there.

Then I'm gonna watch the beez buzz around the lavender...

Followed by finding somewhere to transplant some of this lovely purple basil somewhere that the geese can't get it..

And I need to finish up working in in the front garden...

and then spend some time enjoying the day - this is what it looks like, all sun shiny and such:

And a few Farm Notes, adding more as the day goes along:
* Nibbles, Debbie, and Vita are all acting like teenagers at a Justin Bieber concert... I think they are in heat. So next month this time should be mighty interesting.
 * We have one setting chicken who is really working that nest - I don't think she's gotten up yet. Yesterday I thought she was dead... but then she pecked me REALLY hard... so, she's fine. I hope they hatch soon - should be in the next couple of days.
* We mowed the goat/chicken yard..and now the goats are acting like its the end of the world. Not that they would get up off their lazy haunches and graze... but now that its mowed down they are pitching a fit. And they have easier access to go down there and stomp and snort at the pigs.
 * I did some fall planting in the front garden - turunips, kale, mustard seeds..and then replanted some lettuce that I'd started in flats. Something has eaten all my darn broccoli sprouts so I'm none to happy about that.

More as the day goes on......

Happy Thursday!


Sara said...

HMM! Not a clue. Cut the wire?

Great pictures! Jon brought home 10 gallons of tomatoes last night. Gonna have to get those canned soon. Ohio weather has been really weird to our garden this year. The corn had small ears but full kernels and the cucumbers didn't yield too many. Then the tomatoes stopped then popped up 10 gallons worth all at once.

Chai Chai said...

A squash wedgie? Is there a prize at the county fair for that?

Went to the local county fair today to see the goat show. I could not believe how big the full sized goats were. I saw some Nubians drag teen aged boys around. Saanens = huge! Boer meat goats = cows.

Three large goats running around in heat? Stand clear.

Ohiofarmgirl said...

CC - I nearly snorted out my chicken mole sauce.. yep it was a squash wedgie! HA!

I got 'er free... fortunately the wired was bendy enough to get it out.

Don't know if they had Saanan bucks - but those fella are HUGE! And yep - thats my Vita! We call her our cow.

Sara - we've got the same ridiculous garden situation. But I'm glad that I know I wasn't the only one who couldn't grow a cuke! I'm going to to hack down the corn and feed it, stalk and all, to the pigs.

Tomorrow is be all canning all the time. I gathered almost 3 baskets of 'maters.

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