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Monday, August 9, 2010

Meet Mater

We've been trying to find one of our younger Bourbon Red Turkey hens. We've looked everywhere.

She is from last years hatch and has been trying to set a nest...somewhere.  The last week or so we've only seen her in the afternoon - she comes down to the yard from where ever she is hiding, stands in the goose pool to cool down, gets a snack, and then high tails it back to wherever she is hiding. We couldn't find her anywhere. And she is as fast as lightening so we haven't been able to track her. Its been an ordeal because we really need to keep her safe - and we really need to protect her eggs so they will hatch.

We've often said that you'd never find a setting turkey hen unless you just about stepped on her... they are really good at hiding.
What? You can't see her? Zoom in.. behind the tomatoes...

Do you see her now?

I probably walked past her 20 times a day, especially since I have been taking up the tomatoes at the other end of the garden. The only reason we found her was because I was weeding right beside her - I almost stepped on her. Turkey can be infuriating.

So we took her, and her nest up, and relocated her in the former bachelor turkey coop. Unfortuantely she was not on her nest when I checked on her the next morning. I don't think her eggs are alive anymore.. but as they say... A turkey in the coop is better than one in Foxy Brown's belly.

At least she is safe. We're going to call her Mater..because that's where she was hiding.

Happy Monday!

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