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Friday, August 20, 2010

Pepper gives the monster squash a piece of her mind

Success! I pried the monster squash out of the fence yesterday - fortunately I didn't damage it nor did I have to cut the fence.

"But" (pun intended) now, a problem. Thanks to my pal, Free, I'll never be able to use this squash. After she called it a "thong-wearin', butt squash"... well, now I'm emotionally traumatized and need therapy. The monster squash now sits in the living room mocking me.

Thankfully the cats know how to handle the situation. Pepper gave that squash the a piece of her mind. Or as we say around here, she gave it "the business." Good girl, Pep.

And now, a day of beans. Folks, start your canners!


Mr. H. said...

You have quite an unusual looking squash there, it looks as though the kitty has everyhting under control though.:)

Ohiofarmgirl said...

hi Mr. H! Yes, with Pepper on patrol we can all rest easy....

Actually Pepper is our weirdest cat. She may think its one of her own - the Pod People come to take her back to the Mother Ship.

That's our gal.

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