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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tom-A-to, tom-O-to.....

Tomato, tomoto.. cat's paw.... hey! NICHOLAS!!!
One of these things does not belong. Oh yes... I always have help in the kitchen.

Those of you with cats are laughing, those without are not.

Yesterday was a record breaking canning day. But since I've only really just started..well, that's not saying much. But I did get 12 quarts and 5 pints of tomato sauce put up. I also got a cheese started and that requires a lot of futzing around. The most irritating step is "stir continuously for 20 minutes."Sheesh! And none of these cats will help with that.

I need most of today to shovel out the kitchen and get some things done outside but honestly... when the dogs and I did our walk about this morning it looks like there are more maters and peppers coming on. If not today then tomorrow will be a salsa day.

Canning Report:
* 12 quarts and 5 pints of tomato sauce
* 12 quarts of green beans (from the other day)

Farm Notes:
* That whole "summer" thing is definitely over. A few leaves have even fallen off the trees. Sure we'll have some warm days but I've never seen anything like this. An early fall is here. We need to start working on fire wood.
* Our turkey hens are a disaster. Turkey Momma got up and she only had one egg left under her. Stormy is a demon and we cant get near her to evaluate how her nest is doing. And Bramble... who knows.
* Now that the weather had cooled the goaties are back to full milking speed. I ordered more cheese making supplies so we can take advantage of the extra milk. I'm still shocked that most forms of cheese are just rotten milk in various shapes. Hum... if people only knew....The wine fridge as our "cheese cave" seems to be working.
* We'll be looking at a butcher day here pretty soon. The roosters formerly known as The Kindergarten are like a gang of bandits out there terrorizing the countryside. We have a few good hens out of that lot. My favorite is Silver - who is all black (including her comb!) except for a few silvery feathers around her head. She's a keeper.
* Mrs. Dowlrimple and The Bugs continue to amuse.  They hide in the weeds and when you get close enough you can hear them all happily singing and peeping. So cute. 

And now I need to get to it. Happy Tuesday everyone!


Unknown said...

I cannot get enough of this weather - hasn't it been simply perfect the last 2 days? Sigh of relief for an early fall...

Weekend Cowgirl said...

You will be one happy camper this winter!

Ohiofarmgirl said...

You said it, ladies. I kinda just want to go and lay in the cool grass... but the chickens would probably peck me to death.

So I'll just enjoy this cooooool kitchen today. Whew!

Now what am I gonna do with all these jars of stuff.. hum.....

Anonymous said...

That is a lot of canning!

Mimi said...

I'm glad you pointed out what didn't belong in the picture. It was like one of those wierd 3-D posters for me. I saw the tomatoes and that's it. Once you mentioned there was something else, all of a sudden that furry leg kind of materialized.

Ohiofarmgirl said...

Thanks VRT! But I'm just a new canner..but working my way up.

Hi Mimi! Yep we call it farm art.. its always something...

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