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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Baby its HOT in the kitchen...and Canning Report

Hey Nicholas!  If you can't stand the heat - get out of the kitchen!

Nicholas can't stand the heat

Monday was an epic day in the kitchen. Unfortunately it was also a HOT day in the kitchen. At 90* outside, I think there was actually a point where it was hotter inside. This is what caused Nicholas's hard day in the kitchen. I think he melted a little. He has lots of hard days as seen here and here.

Nicholas's Hard Day #1
Nicholas's Hard Day #2
Nicholas's Hard Day #3
Nicholas's Hard Day #4
Nicholas's Hard Day #5
Nicholas's Hard Day #6 
Nicholas's Hard Day #7
Nicholas's Hard Day#8
Nicholas's Hard Day #9 
Nicholas's Hard Day #10
But a good day for The Canning Report:
* 6 pints of white peach preserves
* 8 pints of turkey meat
* 3 quarts plus one pint of turkey stock.

But it didn't end there:
* 4 quart freezer bags of cat food (turkey meat)
* 4 freezer bags of stock for dogs
* 2 loaves of bread 
* 2 more sugar pie pumpkins cooked, pulp to be frozen
* peach scones
* and then I shook up a jar of cream to make butter.

Then we turned the AC back on and now I'm waiving a white flag...I'm done. Just like Nicholas.


Mr. H. said...

I love that you are doing up food for the family pets as well.:)

Ohiofarmgirl said...

You said it! Now that we have most of our food, solving the problem of pet food (a big expense) is our next adventures. Everyone knows about the problems with pet food in pets and if you saw the news last nite - now they are saying its a hazard to your kids! And you shouldnt feed your pets in the kitchen? Hum..

As it is for us, some of our furred folks have allergies to bagged/canned food so I've been on a "make your own" path for a while. Its kind of a chore for the dogs (feeding 250lbs of dogs is kinda a big job) but I've been making food for my 20 year old cat for years. Our Teddi Grumpkins loves the turkey necks the best.

Ken Broadhurst said...

We make food for our dog, but Callie is only about 36 lbs. We've been making food for her and the dearly departed dog that preceded her for many years now. Mostly, it's trimmings from chicken carcasses and rice cooked in chicken broth. As you say, commercial dog food can be very expensive. Maybe more expensive here in France than in the U.S., if I remember correctly.

Ohiofarmgirl said...

Thanks Ken! I've really been enjoying your posts on Bertie's adventures. One day we'll have to do a French cat/Farm cat joint post.

I dont know if you saw in the news headlines, but "they've" just declared that even dry dog food is health hazard and you shouldn't feed your dog in the kitchen! For heavens sakes.. if that's not solving the wrong problem I don't know what is.

Give dear Callie a pet on the head - she is one lucky dog...as Bertie is one lucky cat!

Leigh said...

Your canning kitchen sounds like mine, hot and humid! It's a shame when going outside into temps in the 90s feels cooler!

I really like the idea of freezing your own cat food. I need to consider doing that in the future as well.

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