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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Vita's back!

Guess who's back!
Say baby! Welcome back!
Its our Vita! She's back from the breeder where she spent the winter with her old herd friends - just like last year. She kidded last week and had an enormous buckling. Saturday we went over to pick her up. She was so happy to see The Big Man that she ran right up to him and didn't stop talking until we put her in the back of the truck.
Everyone getting along nicely - no pushing or shoving.
Immediately the fighting between Nibbles and Debbie stopped. Vita is our "herd queen" which is goatspeak for "Boss of the Herd."  Most herd animals have a hierarchy and Queen Vita reigns with dignity, grace, and does not put up with any ne'rdowelling by the plebs.

Lucky was very happy to see Vita and gave her a welcome sniff.

Our little Kai ran right over and woofed at her but Vita didn't have any hoots for some saucy upstart puppy... especially when she was excited to give welcome sniffs to the big dogs. Kai decided she could sniff too - now its her favorite thing.

A little boney but this is our good ol' gal!

Vita had a hard birth so we are working on making her comfortable, getting her settled, and into a routine. Dairy animals are supposed to be boney, but this is a little much so we'll get her back to peak condition soon. Because of the complications during kidding the breeder rightly gave her antibiotics. Unfortunately, I'm allergic to some of them so I need to wait until 30 days pass before I can have any milk. It probably won't work for cheese making either as the drugs may work against the cultures.

And in truth you should wait about a week anyway to make sure all of the birth hormones are out of her system and to make sure her milk doesn't taste funny. No big deal - the hens were lining up to get some of that milk. I was swarmed by the clucks as soon as they saw the bucket.

Vita getting a sip. And yes, lady goats can have beards. Just like dwarfs. That's what Gimli said.

We love Vita for her relaxed and laid back attitude, because she really knows what she's doing on the milkstand, and unlike tiny Nibbles - Vita really puts it in the bucket.

We are glad you are back, Vita!


Mama Mess said...

My Tulip is boss goat and she has a lovely beard as well. Her daughter Star will be 3 on March 6 and she's just starting to grow hers. I love their little beards!

Glad Vita is back and I know you'll have her back in top notch shape in no time.

My first goat was a Saanen named Bluebell, but we sold our place and moved, so I had to sell her before I got to milk her. Now I'm addicted to my Kinders and wouldn't want any other breed.

Robin said...

Oh, how nice to have Vita back...Welcome Home!!!

Ohiofarmgirl said...

How funny, GW, once you find a breed you are sold! Goes to show that its not the "right breed" but the right breed for you. Tell Tulip that Vita says hi.

Thanks Robin! BTW, love your avatar pic!

Tammy said...

I love her beautiful eyelashes.

Autumn said...

Howdy Vita! Bill says Hi.

Oh, I can't wait until my Bill (saanen-of-sorts) gets that big and beardy. He's just got a few wisps of a beard. Although it's really cute.

Chai Chai said...

I don't know how you do it, I'm not sure I could part with any of my goats during the birthing. I'm not hard care enough yet I think. Under your care I'm sure Vita will put on the lost weight in no time.

It's amazing that the dogs and Vita immediately recognized one another. Did the Big Man have tears when Vita recognized him?

freemotion said...

Vita does look a bit deflated....but healthy. I'm sure she'll be sleek and fat (for a dairy gal) in no time at all. Faster if you let her sleep in your bed with you and enjoy some popcorn and tv time in the evening...hee-hee!

Summersweet Farm said...

Awesome! I love that you can overwinter her with the breeder and they will even help her kid for you! How long was she there?

Do you drive your goats around in the back of a regular pickup, or do you have a trailer?

Grandpa said...

Welcome back Vita! You are a little boney, but the lady of the house would put that right soon, won't you OFG? Take care my friend.

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